Acupuncture For Energy Flow

Christine Walinch
Licensed acupuncturist

Please tell us about your business. I am a practitioner of Oriental medicine that incorporates traditional Chinese medicine, which is nutrition, lifestyle, acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I focus on movement of chi to help prevent stagnation and health issues that come up from stagnant chi.

What is chi? Energy in the body. It is an intrinsic energy in the body that helps move blood and helps facilitate warmth in the body. So it’s movement or energy in the body.

How does acupuncture work? When we insert needles, we are accessing acupuncture points where chi collects. There are meridians or pathways in the body where chi flows internally, and acupuncture points are points where pools of chi collect. When the needles are inserted, the energy or chi easily flows through the body where there once was blockage or any kind of stagnation or where blood flow is impeded.

How does blood flow get impeded? Many different ways. Emotions are one way, stress, lack of sleep, excessive alcohol, excessive coffee consumption.

Where is an example of a point on the body where energy gets stuck? Definitely on the hands. There is a spot there for the large intestine, for example.

Why did you become an acupuncturist? I started my holistic career on Maui in 1995. I began in vitamin and supplement sales. I personally tried acupuncture there and got really good results, quickly. I was intrigued with that and moved from Maui to Honolulu to get a master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. I relocated my practice to Kaua’i in 2011.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your business? Definitely helping people with their health and enabling them to make their own decisions with health care. Seeing results with people without the side effect of harsh drugs.

What are some things acupuncture can assist with? It is a great pain reliever. It triggers endorphins and other natural pain-killers released in the body. It can help most importantly with circulation, blood movement. It can detox the body and help strengthen your organs, like your kidneys or liver. It also can help people with a predisposition to stroke or hypertension or frequent migraine headaches. It’s really good for preventative health overall.

How long does it take to treat a condition? The more chronic the condition, the more it’s been out of balance in the body, usually more treatments are necessary. We like to tell people about 10 appointments, one to two or three times a week. As they get better and feel better, the less they have to come, maybe once a month for maintenance.

Do you do any other treatments? I do glass cupping. It is a technique where I place stationary or moving cups primarily on the back of the patient. It’s really good for any kind of muscle tightness, inflammation, pain, respiratory colds and coughs. It helps when you move the cups on the back – the suction that’s created from the fire – it pulls the oxygen out of the cup and creates suction on the patient’s back, and it’s really good at pulling out stagnant, old blood. When you pull that out through the skin, new blood can enter the muscle tissue and fascia, and that way nutrients and oxygen will flow better.

What is facial rejuve-nation? It gives your skin more shine, fewer dark circles. It helps allergies and digestion, because when we target acupuncture points on the face, it also helps the body. It’s up and coming, because it’s noninvasive and yet stimulates collagen and elastin renewal in the skin, and it’s also really relaxing.

What is the most challenging aspect of your business? The apprehension people have about coming because they are fearful of the needles. The needles are so thin, the diameter is similar to a cat’s whisker. Sometimes you feel a little pinch when it goes into the skin, but for the most part you don’t feel anything at all. I just hope that more people will try it and put those fears aside, because it’s very comfortable and very effective. Another challenge is the people who want immediate results because of our instant-gratification culture. But the thing is, if the body is out of balance, it takes time to get it back. Sometimes you just have to get through the layers, and then people start feeling better.

What makes you get up every day and go to work? Having compassion and really wanting to help heal people. I feel that’s my gift. I’m really in love with nutrition and Eastern medicine.

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