Adjustments For Health

Addison Bulosan
The Specific Chiropractic Center

Please tell us about what you do. I’m a specialist in chiropractics. I check and make sure the nervous system is functioning as it’s supposed to and as it relates to the spine.

What is chiropractics? It’s basically an opportunity to see how well the body is working in relation to its foundation — the spine and everything related to that.

What do you do for your patients when they visit? The biggest thing we do for them is check to make sure that we actually can help them. We conduct a test pertaining to their nervous system, to see how well their body is functioning. If we find a way that we can help, the treatment is a simple chiropractic adjustment to restore the body’s ability to function. We can see from the bottom of the spine to the top how well the body is functioning overall.

What are adjustments? It’s a very specific, highly looked-at force that allows the body to adapt and clear whatever interferences are happening in the nervous system.

What is your professional background? I’m a chiropractor who specializes in the nervous system. I went to school in California at Life Chiropractic College West and achieved a doctorate in chiropractics. I practiced in school for a year and did clinicals for a year, as well. I also did a lot of traveling to take care of people all over the world, including in El Salvador and Nicaragua. I’ve seen thousands of people.

Why do you do what you do? I am a trained audio engineer and originally went to art school. But I had these crazy headaches that pretty much stopped me from doing what I love: music. I tried everything and got no answers. The result was that I was told I needed to take medication for the rest of my life. That’s when I thought I needed to try something different, and a co-worker suggested chiropractics. Chiropractics was the only thing that helped me. Music is still my first passion, but I always wanted to help people and give something back to the world — and to Kauai especially — so I switched my focus in 2008.

Why did you move back to Kauai? I always wanted to do something for this island. When I moved away in 2004 after graduating from Kauai High School, I realized how blessed I was, and I wanted to spend the rest of my life serving. It’s really exciting to be back home, where I was born and raised, and a big reason I’m here is to take care of family and friends.

What kind of things set your business apart from others? This doesn’t feel like your typical office. We wanted to make sure you feel calm and welcome, in a space where you feel invited and safe. We also have a self-check-in and everything is basically digital, and most communication is through email and text messages, which makes life a little easier for everyone. One of the other unique things about our care is that after the adjustment, we really emphasize allowing the body to heal. Typically, when you go to any kind of doctor, you get your treatment and you go back into your life right away — stress and normal patterns. We dedicated an entire room just to allow the body to get some time to heal. Our patients stay here for approximately 15 minutes. We call it our post-adjustment suite. It’s designed for rest and recovery, and allows the body to have time to clear and reboot. We found people’s bodies recover much faster with this process. They also get better results and require fewer adjustments.

2959 Umi St., No. 202