Fitness Times Two

Rose Murtagh and Sarah D. Carrasco
Owners, Movin’ on 2 Wellness and Sarah D. Pilates, respectively

Please tell us about your businesses. Murtagh: Sarah and I share the same building space in Lihue. She owns Sarah D. Pilates and teaches classes in the space. I own Movin’ on 2 Wellness, where I offer personal training and health coaching services. Movin’ on 2 Wellness classes can be one-on-one personal instruction, or small-group classes of four to six people. My health coaching services are one-on-one sessions weekly for about 45 minutes, to help people meet their goals; I work with them to develop their plan. We sit together each week and brainstorm through any barriers and challenges, and I help them set smart goals. Each week we go over what they accomplished — what were the challenges, and how we can get around them and what’s the next step for the next week.

Carrasco: I teach Pilates — private, group equipment classes and group mat classes as well as pre- and post-natal Pilates.

What’s different about your pre- and post-natal classes?

Carrasco: They offer specific movements so women don’t hurt themselves. They prepare women for labor or just make them feel really good while they’re pregnant. The post-natal classes work to zip everything back up so that they can feel good and healthy post-pregnancy.

Why did you start this business? Murtagh: I’ve been a physical therapist for 27 years. I feel limited as a physical therapist because you can only treat people after they’re hurt, after surgery and according to what their insurance allows. I wanted to get on the prevention and wellness side of things, and so I became a personal trainer and health coach and started a small home-based business. About a year and a half ago, I found a commercial location and opened this business to try to capture people to get themselves better before they’re sick or injured.

Carrasco: I have a background in dance, and Pilates was part of my curriculum. I felt it was amazing for cross-training with dance, and as I got my certification, I realized how amazing it was for everybody, and so I wanted to get a studio up and running and help people feel really good.

What sets your business apart from others? Murtagh: This is a private studio with a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. You get constant one-on-one attention and our groups are small. You can come and feel good about yourself.

Carrasco: You get a lot of detail here and attention. Plus, we have all the equipment, including Pilates equipment like springboards, that add to the practice.

What kind of group classes do you offer? Murtagh: I have a fit circuit class three times a week for your entire body — strengthening, conditioning, flexibility and balance. We also use small equipment like Bosus and dumbbells. I also just started tai chi classes. In addition, I have a class called “Get Fit with Fido.” It’s a really fun class for dogs and their humans. We meet at Kauai Humane Society and people of any level can come. You can run or walk with your dogs — we run through cones; jump over hurdles. It’s just a lot of fun, and it’s another way to get people out and active that doesn’t feel like exercise because you’re having fun with your dog.

Why do you do what you do? Murtagh: I love the aspect of helping people better themselves so that they have a better life.

Carrasco: I found that a lot of people have aches and pains. Often, they will take medication, when really all they need is a little strength here and there to align their bodies and move with better mechanics to feel better. Pilates is a great way to get moving and feel really good without medication. It’s amazing how quickly people feel better even within just 10 minutes of doing Pilates.

Why is your service beneficial to people? Murtagh: In order to be healthy and enjoy good health through your senior years, you have to start as early as possible. To be active is the only way to maintain muscle and bone health as well as heart and lung health.

Carrasco: Your body — you only have one — if you stop moving it, then you lose your health. Movement is healing, and I think that simple movement makes someone feel better mentally and physically.

3083 Akahi St., #202 346-7520 (Murtagh) 917-856-5165 (Carrasco)