From The Ground Up

Tyler Rodighiero and Nick Parkinson
Co-owners of PAC Build

Please tell us about your business. Parkinson: We are a general contractor. We mostly do residential new construction – ideally, that’s our bread and butter. We also have a lot of high-end remodels; that is one of our niches. However, we appeal to a vast market, not specializing in anything.

Rodighiero: We do work from the ground up.

Why did you start this business? Parkinson: We had worked together before on small projects, and we noticed that we worked well together and got a lot done – our attitudes meshed. Basically, Tyler acquired his general contractor’s license and wanted a partner in the business.

What are your backgrounds in this industry?

Parkinson: I’ve worked for a handful of contractors here. Carpenter was my job title. I worked hourly for several different contractors framing for them, just like we now have framers working for us.

Rodighiero: On my side, I did all the interior work, the finish, cabinetry, electrical – that’s my scope of knowledge. He’s on the framer side and I’m on the inner-working side.

Parkinson: I grew up working in California and I learned speed, efficiency and work ethic. I combine that with Tyler’s knowledge of fine finish work and we have a complete package.

What sets your business apart from others? Rodighiero: Quality and speed – and customer relations. We’re honest.

How long does it take to complete a home? Rodighiero: Depends on the size of the house.

Parkinson: Right now, we’re taking a 2,800-square-foot house, starting with the foundation through the framing, putting a roof on, windows, siding, exterior trim and exterior painting in eight weeks without sacrificing any quality, and with our eye on detail and efficiency. That’s how we’re attractive to contractors and our customers.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your business? Parkinson: Getting to build stuff in the sun day-in and day-out.

Rodighiero: Enjoying what we do.

Parkinson: And bringing something to completion – starting from the beginning, taking it all the way through and then seeing somebody living in it.

Dorian Duarte (left) and Travis Kailikini frame a job in Koloa

Dorian Duarte (left) and Travis Kailikini frame a job in Koloa

What is your business philosophy? Parkinson: We’re really just grounded in providing a service and keeping the customer happy.

Rodighiero: The main goal is to keep the customer happy.

What are some ways that you keep your customers happy? Parkinson: Being detail-oriented all the way through and managing the flow of work through all the trades. Not just jamming through it, but making sure everybody does their job so everything flows seamlessly. That’s your only option to make money without charging more: Focus on efficiency.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your business?

Rodighiero: For us, the harder it is, the more fun it is, so we don’t even look at it as being a challenge.

Parkinson: The challenge is our motivation and how we’re going to do something.

Rodighiero: Our job is basically problem-solving, and so if you enjoy problem-solving, you’ll enjoy doing construction.

What makes you get up every day and do this? Parkinson: That only way anything has come to me is by waking up and going to work.

Rodighiero: I enjoy it. Parkinson: We really do; we have more fun than anyone else. And we show up every day.

Rodighiero: Our main rule when we hire people is that you come with a good attitude.

What’s one important thing every business owner should do?

Parkinson: Find balance between work and home life.

Rodighiero: My wife Taryn, who owns KaiKini, is just as busy as I am, but we always find time to spend together.

Parkinson: My wife Katie also owns a bikini business, Sunrise Swimsuits, and it’s hard for us to find time to spend together and with our kids, Chase (2) and Kiley (3), but we do as much as we can together. The kids are great helpers, too. But it’s full-throttle balance, so if you find one of us lying down on the beach somewhere, call somebody.

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