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Helping You Feel Your Best

Bea Enright (left) specializes in yoga and Jan Dunn in Pilates | Daniel Lane photos

Bea Enright (left) specializes in yoga and Jan Dunn in Pilates | Daniel Lane photos

Jan Dunn and Bea Enright
Owners, Pilates Plus Wellness Center

Tell us about your work and what you do: Jan: Bea and I offer a variety of personalized studio and privates classes, specializing in Pilates, Hatha Flow yoga, therapeutic yoga, Franklin Method, dance medicine and holistic health consultations. Private sessions, in the comfort of your home or hotel, also are offered. We have experience working with special needs clients, as well as people of all ages who just want a good workout.

We love what we do, and are passionately committed to helping students eliminate pain and stiffness, build strength, increase flexibility, improve their posture, and find new freedom and enjoyment in movement of daily life. Our favorite phrase is, ‘Most people have no idea how good their bodies are designed to feel.’ We want to help them find out!”

How did you get started in this business and how long has it been going? Jan: Pilates Plus opened in January 2013 and added Pilates trainer Claudia Breurer. Bea has been involved in yoga, Pilates and holistic health for nearly 40 years. Jan has been teaching Pilates, Franklin Method, dance and dance medicine for 45 years. Claudia has nine years’ experience teaching in health clubs, Pilates studios and resorts, and has taught professional surfers and golfers.

Where are you from originally and what role does that play in your business, if any? Jan: We grew up in Kansas City, dancing in rival ballet companies, but did not know each other until 2010, and were surprised to learn we had strikingly similar backgrounds, training, life experiences and goals. You can read our full story on the Pilates Plus website.

Our shared background did play a role in forming our business because we made an instant connection when we first met.

What is your specialty?

Jan: Pilates, with an emphasis on rehabilitation. Franklin Method, a movement education system used in Europe for 35 years, new in the U.S., and dance medicine, which is for care and prevention of dance injuries.

Bea: Mat Pilates, holistic health, and a meditative and therapeutic approach to yoga.

Claudia: Mat and equipment Pilates known as Pilates with Props.

Jan: Dr. Nancy Snyderman, M.D. on the Today Show, says an estimated 66 percent of all Americans have back pain, yet the vast majority do not take preventative measures to avoid it, or adequate treatment when it does occur. Dr. Snyderman specifically recommended Pilates as one of the best ways to build and keep core strength necessary for a strong and healthy back.

What is your educational background? Jan: Dance, with B.S. and M.S. in sports and dance science, Polestar Pilates (a contemporary scientific approach) and other Pilates systems. I’ve worked as a Pilates director of rehabilitation in physical therapy clinics for 17 years, and am certified in the Franklin Method and have seven years of training.

Bea: B.A. and M.A. in dance and drama, and an English postgraduate study in yoga asanas, breathing practices, meditation, and living joyfully and authentically.

Claudia: B.A. in fashion and currently working on M.A. in education; Pilates certifications from PhysicalMind Institute and Ellie Herman Pilates.

What sets your work apart? Jan: Pilates Plus offers a broad variety of services, many years of experience, depth of training and expertise, and a passionate commitment to clients’ growth and satisfaction.

We are affordable and offer kama’aina rates and discount packages.

What is your business philosophy? Jan: Helping people to feel the best they can in their body, regardless of age or special considerations.

What is your business plan for the future? Jan: To continue to reach out with aloha and joy, and to serve as many people in the community as we can.

Where can people learn more? Jan: We are located in Princeville Center, upstairs above Lappert’s Ice Cream.

Call Jan: 652-7551, Bea: 635-0103. Email jan@pilatespluskauaiwc.com, or visit pilatespluskauaiwc.com. We also have a Facebook page.