Inspired Cinematograpy

Sarah RhinelanderOwner, Kamana Media

Sarah Rhinelander

Owner, Kamana Media

By Sarah Rhinelander
Owner, Kamana Media

Please tell us about your business. My husband, Diego Catiglioni, and I have a videography and production company.

We use what’s called cinematic technique — a modern style that is sleek and condensed so that it captures the essence of what we’re filming.

What kind of films do you primarily focus on? We film a lot of weddings and create a highlight video, which is almost like a trailer for a movie. I think people really like the highlight videos for their weddings because you get three to five minutes, which captures the essence of the whole day. It’s easier to share, and it’s a fast and dynamic way to share a whole event.

We also do marketing and commercial videos, as well as real estate and music videos. Now especially in a place like Kauai, where people come from off-island or far away to look for housing, if they see a video of the house instead of just some still pictures, it’s a whole other experience for them.

It also captivates someone for a few minutes, whereas a picture they look at for a second. With the video, you can really get them a message.

How did you start this business? We bought a camera and brought it to Uruguay, where Diego is from. Diego was working for a surfing school at the time, doing promo videos for them. He also was making a documentary about midwifery in Uruguay.

However, one night our camera was stolen. But it actually turned out to be the best thing for our company because when we came back to Kauai, we bought a DSLR, and it is really the best for achieving the look we work with.

We invested what we had in getting our new equipment and launched our website.

Why do you do what you do? We love it.

What’s the most rewarding aspect? It’s a really creative process. I love it because I like to work with people directly — there is an intimacy there when you’re working with someone on film. At the end of every wedding, I sometimes feel like I have a new family. I’ve been part of their experience, I’ve seen this couple move through their whole day, and been there through the tears and the joy.

It’s a really sweet way to connect with people, and it’s also a very creative way to work. It’s amazing to watch raw footage and see it come together in such a beautiful way.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your business? Mother Nature — weather can be challenging.

Do you have a business motto? Inspired cinematography. We like to always keep it fresh and inspiring.

It’s bringing that extra special element into what we’re doing. We really put our heart and soul into our work — it’s definitely a labor of love and something that we put a lot of energy into.

What makes you get up every day and go to work? We want to always do our best, so just the opportunity to create something beautiful and expand what we’re doing. and