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Alison Granato with son Dylan at her home office

Alison Granato with son Dylan at her home office

Alison Granato
Independent consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

Tell us about your work and what you do. I am an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, a new company founded by the same doctors who created Proactiv Solution. What they did for acne, they are now doing for aging and sun-damaged skin. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are practicing dermatologists in San Francisco, and I represent their anti-aging products here on beautiful Kaua’i from home around my family’s schedule. I mentor a team of reps around the country and I connect customers, locally and around the U.S., to the right dermatology products for their skin-care needs.

How did you get started in this business and how long has it been going? I got started about two-anda-half years ago, when a good friend from college shared the opportunity to be the first to introduce this line to Hawaii. I learned that the products were the No. 1 clinical brand in Nordstrom before the doctors pulled them from high-end retail to branch out into direct sales in 2009. When I started, I had no idea if I could be successful because I had no direct sales experience and no background in skin care. I was attracted to the fact that this was not a party-based company, and I didn’t have to stock inventory. When I learned this was a ground-floor opportunity and Hawaii was wide open, I jumped right in.

What is your favorite product that you offer? I honestly love all of our products and regimens, and I tend to mix and match. But if I had to pick a favorite regimen, it would be Reverse, which is formulated to erase brown spots, dullness, sun damage and even help treat melasma. This regimen treats the entire face, and within weeks you’ll notice a brighter complexion and even skin tone. It’s perfect for both men and women, and all ethnicities. I love seeing the changes on some of my 40-plus male friends who have surfed all of their lives. Two of my other faves are the Anti-Age Eye Cream and Lip Renewing Serum. I’m a self-professed product junkie, and the eye cream is the best I’ve ever used to instantly wake up tired eyes and reduce puffiness. The Lip Serum is so unique – it comes in mono-dose capsules rich in peptides and antioxidants to help smooth texture and reduce lip wrinkles. I apply one before bed each night and wake up with the softest, smoothest lips.

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists’ product line. Amanda C. Gregg photos

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists’ product line. Amanda C. Gregg photos

Where are you from originally and what role does that play in your business, if any? I’m originally from Southern California and Oregon, but also spent many years in Colorado. The networks I have in these states, along with Hawaii, have been instrumental in helping me spread the word about this company and our amazing clinical skin-care regimens. It definitely helps that California and Hawaii have a lot of people who need solutions for sun-damaged skin.

What is your specialty?

I specialize in connecting with people and helping them find the right dermatology products for their skin-care needs. I also specialize in sharing the opportunity with others and helping them use this business as a vehicle to accomplish their goals.

What is your educational background? I have a bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing from the University of Oregon. My career before moving to Kaua’i was in finance as a consultant and broker.

What sets your work apart? The products are customized to address individual skin concerns, and they make real results possible at home without injections or other expensive procedures. The opportunity to work part-time hours from my home and market a national brand all over the country gives me the time freedom and flexibility to work around my family’s busy schedule. I’m passionate about sharing this opportunity with others and helping them to be able to make a significant income by doing the same. I not only love our products and the changes I’ve seen in my clients’ skin, I’m also very passionate about our company and the doctors who back us. That doesn’t often happen in corporate America.

What is your business philosophy/motto? My business motto is to work with integrity and have fun while helping people get the best skin of their lives. I also like to set a pace and model for my team to follow by encouraging them to be authentic, have fun and dream big while sharing this gift with the people in their lives.

What is your business plan for the future? I plan to continue to grow this business here in Hawaii along with many other parts of the country. Hawaii is still a wide-open market, and I’m excited to spread the word. Our company has plans to go international as early as next year, starting in Canada.

Where can people learn more? They can check out my two websites: https://alohaskin.myrandf. com, which has more information on products, or z, if people are interested in learning more about the business opportunity. I’m also on Facebook: People can call me at 634-4267.