Putting Creativity To Work

Sandra Riffero
Riff Inc.

Please tell us about your business. I am an entrepreneur, and my main business name is Riff Inc. Under that, I am currently focusing on house-sitting, design and advertising, as well as film.

Why did you decide to open this business on Kauai? There is especially a need for house sitters, and I am very trustworthy and great with pets. I have several skills that make me the ideal person for the job. As far as design and advertising, I feel the opportunity exists for me to reach individuals and small-business owners who want to grow their businesses through advertising, marketing and promotional information. There are a lot of oddball ways to do things, too; I like to think outside the box.

What kind of services do you offer? I watch over the home of my client, check their mail, take care of animals, keep the place clean, put the trash out weekly and sometimes gardening or maintenance is involved. Plus, I cater to any other special needs they may have (like, if they forget something and need it sent to them on the Mainland). For the design and advertising side of my business, I am a copywriter. I prepare press releases and I design business cards, cell phone skins, CDs for musicians, menu design, fliers, posters, bumper stickers. Anything you can dream of, I can create. I also specialize in creating ads for print and online (Web banners). I also am a photographer, so I know how to get a good shot of your product.

Who are your clients and who can benefit from your services? Usually people heading to the Mainland for a while and they want someone to watch over their house and/or their pets — either individuals, small businesses or nonprofits who are seeking to grow their own businesses or solve some sort of design/advertising problem. Everyone can benefit from my services if they have the need.

What is your background/education in this field? I’ve been an artist ever since I can remember. I was born in Olympia, Wash. I graduated from Washington State University, majoring in communications in the advertising sequence and minoring in fine arts.

What sets your business apart from others? I like to make people happy, so I try to go out of my way to deliver exceptional service. For my house-sitting clients, I created a swag gift: a box with a small treat inside for when they return. I’m a hard worker and like to get my clients the results they are seeking. I like to brainstorm and generate many ideas and options, then whittle it down to the best; I feel that is a big plus. I have a good and positive attitude about life, and I’m easy to get along with when working together.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your businesses? I am a creative idea person, and Riff Inc. fuels and fulfills my desires to create in the world.

What makes you get up every day and go to work?

I have a strong desire to make the world a better place, and as an artist, the opportunities are endless as to what could happen on any given day. I absolutely love what I do and the possibilities that life offers. I enjoy inspiring people and being inspired by what others are doing with their lives.


Coco Zickos cocomidweek@ gmail.com