The Benefits Of Ganoderma

By Mardi Maione
Distributor of Organo Gold

Tell us about your work and what you do. I am an independent distributor and team leader of Organo Gold, a coffee company. I share everything from healthy coffees, teas and hot chocolate to hand-crafted soaps and toothpaste. I lead an amazing team, and aim to change lives one cup at a time. Each one of our products is infused with a Chinese herb called ganoderma, which is derived from the reishi mushroom and has a long history of amazing healthy results, ranging from inflammatory and anti-cancer effects to immunoregulatory effects and antioxidant activities. The coffee is grown in Malaysia and Jamaica.

How did you get started in this business and how long has it been going? I became involved with Organo Gold in October of 2011. The company itself has been in existence since 2008, yet its official launch was in January 2010. In that time, we have more than doubled our sales each year and have grown into a very successful international corporation.

Where are you from originally, and what role does that play in your business? I have been on Kaua’i since the late 1980s, and for nearly 20 years I have worked in the substance abuse field as a CSAC (certified substance abuse counselor). I have worked as an employee and in private practice, as well. My last position before being cut in the recession was with Child and Family Service, where I supervised a few programs for women with substance-abuse issues and pregnancy. Since becoming involved with Organo Gold, I have not done much counseling, but have not left the field entirely, either.

What is your specialty? Our products fit in the health-and-wellness category, for starters. So many of us here on Kaua’i are looking for organic, healthy alternatives, yet want to continue to enjoy the things we love. Coffee is something more than half a billion people in North America alone drink every day, so we provide that to people with a healthy benefit. It is also very convenient in that it is “ready brew.” Each product comes in a handy sachet that can be taken anywhere – on planes, to work, a restaurant, a friend’s … even a coffee shop. All that is required is a cup of hot water. Each sachet has the highest quality coffee, teas and hot chocolate, and is infused with the 100 percent certified organic ganoderma. You can’t beat the simplicity. So, for the lifestyle on Kaua’i that is more laid back yet on-thego, a cup of hot water is easy to come by anytime.

What sets your work apart? Organo Gold’s mission is to bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the world. The “treasure” that they speak of is the powerful “king of herbs,” ganoderma. It sets us way apart from the rest. When consumed regularly, our products have been known to help people with long-term ailments and even the small everyday things: headaches, arthritis, muscle cramps. Some people experience no acid reflux, no jitters, ups and downs or the like. It is just an amazing feeling of energy and vitality. While we don’t make medical claims, people experience different levels of relief, so we share our testimonies and feel grateful with each one that people are feeling better. We recommend researching the herb and what ailment may be bothering you, and read third-party published papers or medical research on this more than 4,000-year-old herb. Though our products are infused with it, you cannot see it, smell it or taste it. Yet, you have the benefit of receiving more energy and vigor by merely drinking a cup of coffee or tea than you do on a regular, sometimes daily basis anyway. We drink our coffee daily, and by merely changing our brand of coffee, it’s changed our lives.

What is your business plan for the future? We presently are in more than 30 countries and intend to be in no less than 81. In each of the countries that we are presently doing business, the ganoderma in our products is 100 percent certified organic, and we carry the kosher and halal certifications, as well. We are building for the future today, and fortunately our product is a consumable, daily part of life. Therefore Organo Gold will be a part of routines in households and establishments for years to come.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing? Right now, it’s hard to imagine anything else. My short-term goal was to be a stay-at-home mother, and I accomplished that. Working from home has afforded me time with my kids and the benefit of doing what I really love doing right now. I love what Organo Gold has done for me health-wise. It has been an incredible, life-changing journey that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I have long-term goals with Organo Gold, and fulfilling a dream to see a drug treatment center here is a part of those goals. I cannot go forward without giving back to this amazing community that has embraced me and raised me. It excites me to no end. I’m loving what I’m doing, yes. However, I am not done with substance abuse, and fully intend to see well-rounded treatment options here on Kaua’i to its end. I further intend to contribute to that in every way I can in the future.

How many Kaua’i employees are there? At this time, on our team, we have approximately 35. It’s a great alternative to conventional jobs. It has allowed me to be a stay-at-home mom.

Where can people learn more? A major function of our business is giving you a free sample of this amazing product and having you try for yourself. I’m happy to share this “treasure of the earth” with you. It can be delivered, or ordered right off the website and shipped to you anywhere. Again, I encourage you to Google ganoderma and realize its magnitude. Feel free to visit my website:, or call me at 639-2523. We have several independent distributors on Kaua’i, our “Team Aloha.” We always have coffee available, usually in the trunks of our cars. We never leave home without it.