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Attraction. Photo from Kimo Akane

Attraction. Photo from Kimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … The Player’s Edge!

THE CONTROVERSIAL winner of Britain’s Got Talent, Attraction plans to take its show on the road, including a visit to Vegas. The shadow performance troupe from Hungary got the most votes from the public on the season’s final episode. This angered some who believed only native performers should have been allowed to participate. Check out the YouTube video of their semi-final performance that made Simon Cowell tear up … guess he’s not so heartless after all.

STAMPING … That’s what they call the footprints and shoe prints you see on the roof and support beams in Las Vegas parking structures.

UNLV GRAD Guy Fieri is a multi-dimensional dude. The restaurateur, chef, author and TV host will open his first Vegas restaurant (name to be announced) later this year. His homecoming will be a part of The LINQ, home of the “High Roller,” the world’s tallest observation wheel.

LOSER … That’s what it’s called when you go all in with pocket kings and the guy opposite you has pocket aces and the flop is ace, king … ace! However, if you were one of the 107 players on a Caesars Entertainment poker table, that bad beat got you a share of the $914,474 jackpot. The losing pocket kings won $182,952 while the winning pocket aces got $91,447, and everyone else got $5,982 just for being in the right place at the right time!

WHO KNEW? … In many cultures, stepping in poop is considered good luck. However, the Chinese believe that stepping only on the droppings from man’s best friend brings good fortune. Chris Kim won $2,012.25 on the Zeus II machine at the Bellagio, then won $17,590 on the Blazing 7 Double slots at the Wynn and finished his trifecta hitting a Spin on the Wheel of Fortune at the airport, adding another two G’s to his bounty. He says his luck changed while watching his daughter play in the keiki water fountain at Town Square when a bird plopped one on him. Mahalo for the tip … I think.

AS OF A few years ago, there were 336 $10,000 bills in circulation, and they are worth considerably more than their face value.

KRISPY KREME will celebrate its 76th birthday, and if this kind of omyagi has you secreting saliva, the good news is July 13 you get a dozen of its Original Glazed for 76 cents with every dozen you buy.

LATER THIS YEAR you’ll be able to bring home custom treats for your chocoholic friends. Hersey’s Chocolate World will open early next year in the new plaza between New York-New York and the Monte Carlo. Personalize the plumes of your Kisses or candy bar wrappers – just look for the giant Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.

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