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TJ Lang. AP photo from Kimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … the Player’s Edge!

FOR MOST GAMBLERS, a win is a win, but everyone hates a bad beat. You know when you’re holding four deuces and the guy next to you has quad threes … but the true agony of defeat is what you feel deep in your na‘au when you “lose money” because of a zebra — like the call after the Hail Mary pass that had football fans across the universe gasping OMG! In its infinite wisdom (and I mean that sincerely), the NFL has distanced itself from gambling to maintain the integrity of the game — that’s why teams are mandated to release injury reports. RJ Bell of says 68 percent of the bets in that game were on the Packers ($150 million more than the Seahawks), making the swing of that single judgment call $300 million! Based on what the candidates are spending this year, that’s not enough to buy you a presidency, but maybe it’s enough for a replacement ref or two … Or maybe they wen’ grad from the same school as the judges of the Bradley-Pacquiao fight …

FROM LATE-NIGHT talk show host Jay Leno’s monologue: “These refs are so bad, they’ve turned the NFL into the WTF” …

MORE THAN 1 MILLION tweets were sent during the final play of the game. TJ Lang, the Packers guard who felt violated by the officials, expressed his frustration with the replacements and the NFL via the twitterverse and generated more than 150,000 retweets after the game.

SPEAKING OF TWEETS, @thehaflife said: “best late night snack in Vegas: fried pickles at Holsteins” …

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT … Borrowing a phrase popularized by many local drinking establishments, the Las Vegas Monorail has just emerged from a two-year-long bankruptcy reorganization.

WE KNOW WHAT Eddie would do, but what about you? Given the opportunity, would you purchase an airline ticket with a fixed price or would you gamble on one that could go up or down based on the price of fuel before you boarded? That’s a choice Allegiant Air is thinking of offering.

RITA COOLIDGE, the inspiration of Leon Russell’s Delta Lady, will perform at the Suncoast Showroom Oct. 27 and 28.

NOW THROUGH Oct. 18 you can check out America’s Got Talent Live at the Palazzo … or not.

ACCORDING TO slot attendants, their most frequently asked question is: “What machine will hit next?”… Of course, they are more than willing to seat you at a machine in their area hoping for a big tip if you get lucky … The most FAQ here at KimosVegas is: “Do you know (managing editor/columnist) Yu Shing Ting?” Of course, I see her every week … same place as you, right here in MidWeek.