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Dayton Callie, Charlie Hunnam and Mark Boone. Photo from Kimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … The Player’s Edge!

SONS OF ANARCHY invaded Hyde at the Bellagio to celebrate the season finale of the highly rated TV show – the boys from SAMCRO, Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller), Mark Boone Jr. (Robert “Bobby Elvis” Munson) and Dayton Callie (ex-police chief Wayne Usher). Nothing says party, however, quite like the club’s sexy servers dressed for the occasion in biker-inspired tight, studded black leather costumes.

THEY DID WHAT? Southern California voters have made it illegal for porn stars to go au naturel. Adult movie-makers now have to get a permit from the Department of Health and guarantee that the “actors” (perhaps a loose definition of the occupation) wear condoms while doing the deed. I’m guessing there’ll be an abundance of applications for the inspecting and enforcement positions at the DOH. The adult film industry in Cali has threatened to take its business to a more product-friendly environment … like Sin City.

SPEAKIN’ OF GLOVES … O.J. Simpson is expected to testify for the first time about the Las Vegas armed robbery and kidnapping case that has him in residency in a Nevada correctional facility. In 2008 he was found guilty and sentenced to nine to 33 years. The circus returns to the national spotlight next May 13.

BUT WAIT, here’s more coverage … The Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool is closing for the winter but opened Nov. 11 as a genuine ice skating rink. Covered with a platform of frozen water, it’s the only one of its kind in Vegas. Yes, there’s a rink at the Venetian, but it’s made from recycled polymer – both equally difficult for a guy who had issues with the hydrodynamics of paipo boarding … Some folks take to the ocean like fish, while others should never leave the safety of their shower.

THE SPORTS BOOKS in Vegas posted one of their worst Sundays ever, losing $6 million to $8 million. That’s what happens when the faves cover the spread. Didja hear about the guy who hit a 12-team 3,000-to-1 parlay? He bet $3 and won $9,000. Before you grab a hanky to wipe your tears of sympathy for the odds-wise guys, the UNLV Center for Gaming Research reports that they have won more than $41 million from NFL bettors every year since 1989. And business is up about 271 percent September year over year. You can take that $43.5 million to the bank.

SO BRIGHT ya gotta wear shades … Have you seen the new Denny’s at Neonopolis Downtown? The company calls it “the Diner of the Future,” and one thing’s for sure – you can’t miss the yellow façade.

FOUR MORE YEARS … If you missed a photo op with the prez on his vacations here at home, you can spend as much time and take as many photos as you like with his full-size wax likeness in Madame Tussauds “Spirit of America” room at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino.

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