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The LINQ executive project director David Codiga with the High Roller rim. Brian Steffy photo

The LINQ executive project director David Codiga with the High Roller rim. Brian Steffy photo

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … The Player’s Edge!

“MINES IS BIGGAH den yours” are the four words every guy has said at least once before puberty, but in Las Vegas “boys will be boys” and biggah is always mo bettah. It’s not enough to build a Ferris Wheel on the world’s most-famous strip … it has to be the biggest Ferris Wheel in the world, even if it’s only by 9 feet. Construction of the 28 sections that comprise the circumference of the High Roller is complete and its 550-footprint is officially a part of the Vegas skyline.

IF “SIGNS” HAD emotions, the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign surely would make all other signs green with envy. Early next year the marquee will get outfitted with solar panels to become socially hip and environmentally green.

LADIES MIGHT BE interested in knowing …, a dating website, reports that there are 664 Las Vegas men who are “marriage-minded and looking for a long-term commitment” who have a net worth of at least $1 million.

EVEN NON-VEGAS folks remember the award-winning “What Happens Here, Stays Here” advertising campaign … although that was not the case when poor Prince Harry visited. The suggestive slogan gets polished off and called out of retirement to once again promote the naughty potential of Sin City.

ALSO LOOK FOR the Googlization of Las Vegas when Google launches Google Interiors. Jonesing for some Vegas action? You’ll be able to check out the inside of Vegas hotels and casinos without ever checking in.

SEVEN OUT … PEEPSHOW at Planet Hollywood. During its (almost) four-year tenure, it has featured singers Mel B. and Aubrey O’Day, soap opera star Kelly Monaco, Broadway actress Shoshana Bean, Holly Madison and most recently Coco.

THE OWNERS OF Mr. Vegas’ Wayne Newton’s crib “Casa de Shenandoah” has put up a for-sale sign … According to the broker, they have poured $20 million into a total renovation of the property. The list price is $70 million … Just slightly more than a MidWeek columnist’s pay.

KEVIN KANESHIRO, sales and promotion manager for Vacations Hawaii, says the best way to get the scoops on its latest deals and promotions is to like it on Facebook or follow its Twitter feed. Right now Billy V and Mele Apana are giving away a Vacations Hawaii experience every day on Hawaiian105 KINE.

ADULT BEVERAGES and the dry Las Vegas desert atmosphere easily can lead to severe dehydration. To address this issue, a team of emergency room physicians has created REVIV.

Located in the MGM Grand, it’s a spa-like setting where Nevada Medical Board-certified physicians and nurses administer intravenous and vitamin rehydration therapies.

KIMO’S VEGAS public service announcement … October is National Dessert Month. It’s the only time of the year you can legally skip a meal for an extra dessert … really.

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