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Carmen Electra on Labor Day at Mandalay Bay

NO ONE CELEBRATES Labor Day like Las Vegas, and officials estimate that 229,000 people were in town for the kickoff of the college football season and the traditional end-of-summer three-day weekend. Lookin’ hotter than the triple-digit temps, actress/model Carmen Electra was the celeb in residence at Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Beach Club.

THE LONG WEEKEND also brings out the worst people … At Arizona Charlie’s Boulder Hotel and Casino, a man went up to security, lifted his shirt to reveal a bomb and said “You’ve got five minutes to evacuate everyone.” After two hours, SWAT negotiators convinced the man to surrender. The device was fake and his attempted suicide by cop was avoided.

GOOD NIGHT, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite … Forty-two Las Vegas hotels, motels, clubs and restaurants reportedly have bedbugs. The tiny blood suckers are reported by travelers at some of the biggest, most expensive resorts. Get the link to check out the 20,000 reported cases in the U.S. and Canada from a new online database at, but keep in mind that there’s no second-party confirmation.

BIG MONEY! In town to celebrate his brother and sister-in-law Chase and Brea Kaiuwailani’s nuptials, Keahi Coleman hit “Four Aces with a Three,” good for $2,014 and a “Royal Flush” for $4,389 in less than 20 minutes on the Venetian’s “Double Double Bonus Poker” progressive machine. “It’s my lucky shirt,” he says. “I had a big night wearing the same shirt at New York, New York a couple of days before.” Fellow Pearl Harbor machinists are forgoing the traditional omiyage in exchange for a spot on the wait list to borrow his charmed cotton.

THE WAC Volleyball Championships are happening in Vegas Nov. 22-24. Book early while the rates are still low.

Keahi Coleman won big

NICE TRY … The TI was fined 10 large for mis-handling a dispute with a player. After seeing his cards, the player picked up his $500 bet and attempted to leave the casino. Security stopped and subsequently searched him. A manager then took five $100 chips and escorted the welcher to the door. Fair enough, except casino execs should have notified the Vegas three-six first (doesn’t have quite the same ring as “five-oh”).

AN UNIDENTIFIED professional poker player was taken for a ride … after playing poker with a beautiful woman for two hours at the Indiana Horseshoe casino. The couple went up to his room and after a long night bumpin’ uglies, he woke the next morning to find his new friend and his $9,000 in winnings (that he hid behind the TV) gone. Police later arrested the woman (they have cameras in casinos, you know) and she was sentenced to 90 hours of community service and ordered to repay the nine large. Moral of the story: Never hide your bankroll behind the TV. It’s the first place they look … OK, that’s not really the moral, but it does make for a better punchline.

AN UNIDENTIFIED man shot himself at McCarran International Airport … When did they start letting us bring guns into the terminal?

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