Kimo’s Vegas

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … the Player’s Edge!

CAMERON DIAZ and Alex Rodriguez were spotted shopping at the new Cosmopolitan hotel … Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez hit the Shoppes at Caesar’s Palace.

IN LAS VEGAS they held the first Summit of the Horse – Native American leaders, horse advocates and lawmakers got together to lobby the U.S. Government to reconsider its ban on horse meat as a legal source of food. In 2007, Congress ended the killing of horses for human consumption. That reminds me of that song by the band America: “Well, I been to the desert on a horse with no name, lost all my money in the casino” – and you know what happens next.

SNOW IN VEGAS? It’s not as unusual as it sounds. The Ninth Island gets around an inch of snow every year. The year that holds the record for the most white stuff to hit the desert sand in one day … more than 7 inches is 1979.

COPPER THIEVES hit the Valley Bible Fellowship Church for more than $100,000, taking all of the house of God’s plumbing and electrical wiring. Officials say it’s almost impossible to catch these guys because they probably cashed the semi-precious metal at a recycling center in another state.

MAYBE THEY USED their ill-gotten gains to buy some lottery tickets … Last Tuesday’s Mega Millions Jackpot was at $355 million. Residents of Nevada ran across the Arizona and California borders and stood in long lines to buy a shot at the huge jackpot.

HAVE YOU EVER noticed that when you cash a ticket in most redemption machines on the casino floor you won’t get back any $10 bills? The reason for the disparity is most machines only have four hoppers and they’re filled with $1, $5, $20 and $100 bills.

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