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Miss Hawaii Jalee Fuselier

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … the Player’s Edge!

CONGRATS TO Miss Hawaii Jalee Fuselier for putting Hawaii back on the Miss America map … She won the “Lifestyle and Fitness” competition (raise your hand if you still call it the swimsuit competition) and finished as the pageant’s second runner up!

AT THE ENCORE on the day aftah New Year’s, a high roller bought a $100,000 bottle of Armand De Brignac “Midas” champagne … a bargain in comparison to all the aerials set off in Pearl City the night before.

SPOCKED broadcasting live from Las Vegas recently … KRATER 96’s Dave & Sherry at the Cal.

THERE’S A NEW KID IN TOWN … Federated Sports and Gaming, founded by World Series of Poker commissioner Jeffrey Pollack, has announced the forming of a new league with three different tournaments at the Palms plus a championship tourney … It’s like the PGA, but played with clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades. Defending National Heads-Up Poker champion Annie Duke will serve as the yetto-be-named league’s commissioner. Will the formation of a professional poker league elevate the game and forever end the debate about poker being a sport?

GOING ALL IN … The PBA, not to be confused with the PGAor NBA, has upped the ante by offering $1,000,000 in prize money. The 52-year-old Professional Bowlers Association has been struggling for dollars and fans, and hopes its offer of the largest purse in the “game’s” (or is it “sport’s”?) history will attract more viewers (Sundays on ESPN) and sponsors. Better dust off my Wii Sports!

KAUA’I-BORN casino host Dale Matsumura writes that the Stratosphere is spending about $20 million on renovations, with most of the money going into the casino’s hotel rooms. To make sure you get the nuts – in poker parlance, that’s the best possible hand in a given deal or, in this case, the best possible room – ask Dale to hook you up with a Stratosphere Select room in the Premiere Tower. And congrats to Paul Hobson, the Strat’s new GM.

IT’S NOTAnational holiday, but it does put a smile on the faces of casino execs just like a three-day weekend. Just in time for Chinese New Year, check out the atrium of the Palazzo, where you’ll find a 16-foot-tall rabbit that weighs in at 1,000 pounds. No, you didn’t have too much to drink – the eyes, paws and tail really do move.

60 MINUTES did a story on Billy Walters, the World’s Most Successful Sports Bettor. He talks about how he uses information, technology and people to make an honest living gambling. He bets $2 million like most people bet $20, and he won $3.5 million on last year’s Super Bowl. Get the link to watch the interview at

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