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SPOCKED AT THE World Magic Seminar at the Orleans … Hawaii’s top magicians Alan Arita, Glen Bailey, John Hirokawa and Mark Mauricio, and Las Vegas magicians Criss Angel, Lance Burton and Siegfried & Roy. Mindfreak Criss Angel joined fellow illusionists Doug Henning, Siegfried & Roy, David Copperfield and Penn & Teller as this year’s inductee into the Magic Hall of Fame.

THE COSMOPOLITAN has banned smoking in every one of its 2,295 rooms. They are serious like a heart attack about this – puke all you want in your room, but light up indoors and the hotel police will fine you. However, guests are encouraged to be a chimney on the balcony of their room.

CELINE DION and hubby Rene Angelil had their twins baptized in the presence of 200 family and friends in Las Vegas … Doesn’t a Sin City baptism sound oxymoronic?

WOLFGANG PUCK’S Spago has a new pre-show menu every night Celine takes the stage at the Colosseum. Show your ticket to get the $60 prix fixe deal.

ITADAKI MAS … Chef Nobu and his partner Robert De Niro announced a deal with Caesars Palace to create the first Nobu hotel. The rooms in the Centurion Tower will be renovated to reflect the master’s minimalist style. The company’s 27th Nobu Restaurant and Lounge will open in Appian Way at the base of the tower.

FAMOUS LAST BETS … Professional poker player Howard Lederer is a well-known vegetarian. Fellow player David Grey thought it would be a sure thing and bet him that he couldn’t finish an entire hamburger. After gobbling the beef, he bet his friend “double-or-nothing” if he would consume his least-favorite food … olives. He didn’t, and the professor walked away with the win and 10 large ($10,000).

BARRY MANILOW performs for the benefit of Nevada Public Radio March 25 and 26 at Paris. The man who writes and sings the songs has sold more than 80 million worldwide (now that’s a big number). Guys, score big points with the Mrs. and get your discount/benefit tickets at

YOU KNOW you’ve been smokin’ too much peyote when … The citizens of Pima County, Ariz., (that includes the city of Tucson) are considering seceding from Arizona and forming the 51st state. Seems residents feel they have little in common with fellow Arizonians, and the move would create a state with a population larger than seven other states. This prompted some Las Vegans to speculate that if Clark County (Las Vegas plus Henderson, Lake Meade, etc.) were to secede from Nevada, they would have a population greater than 13 other states.

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