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Happy B-day to Eva Longoria

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LET THEM EAT CAKE…Eva Longoria celebrated her 36th birthday in Vegas… I’m not suggesting she’d getting hitched, but imagine how big her wedding cake will have to be to top this one.

DID YOU KNOW that the only city to offer wedding packages in a McDonald’s is Hong Kong? there’s no booze and the cake is made from stacked apple pies … Betcha a buck a Mac’s in Las Vegas makes it the second city to offer this service.

THE FOLKS AT the Golden nugget have one of the best offers I’ve ever seen … they’ll beat any other casino’s offer by 1.5 times. you probably get these in the mail/e-mail all the time. some are for free slot Play, others free Promo chips, maybe free shopping or even free cash! But now your $500 offer is worth $750 … get one for $5,000, one call and it’s worth $7,500! some restrictions apply, so call director of player development John Giannos (800-777-4658 or 702-682-6698) to get in on the action. and ask him about “the $250,000 World series of slots” tourney April 15-17.

ACCORDING TO the Wizard of odds, of the nfl’s 267 games played in the 2010-2011 nfl season, the favorite beat the spread 128 times, the under-dog won 133 times, and six games were a push. of bets resolved, the underdog won 51 percent.

COMIC GEORGE WALLACE says the best place to shop in Vegas is “the new, $9.5 billion citycenter – a new complex to explore, if you have $1 million in cash on your person. and a platinum american express card, if you want lunch.”

George Wallace

We’re no. 2 … that’s what las Vegans are chanting after a Forbes Magazine report that orlando is the emptiest u.s. city with a rental vacancy rate of 23.6 percent. sin city was no. 2 at 13.5 percent.

A U.S. DISTRICT JUDGE says manny Pacquiao has sufficient evidence to continue his lawsuit alleging that floyd mayweather, his dad, uncle oscar De la hoya and others acted with malice when they accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs in 2009.

NEVADA LEGISLATORS are considering a bill that would allow charitable organizations such as churches or schools to operate bingo games in multiple locations statewide via audio and video. can you imagine a lawmaker voting against this one (it would be like saying no to God)? using aristotle-like political wisdom, they forwarded the bill to the Judiciary for further review.

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