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Rihanna is the most-nominated artist for this year’s ‘Billboard’ Awards Photos from Kimo Akane

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THE 2011 BILLBOARD AWARDS happens may 22 at the mGm Grand and will be broadcasted on ABc (KItV). scheduled to take the Grand Garden Arena’s stage are the Black eyed Peas, Jennifer lopez, lady Antebellum and more. rihanna is this year’s most-nominated artist with 18, followed by eminem with 16 nominations. there are not a lot of sure things in Vegas, but you can bet that Arcade Fire won’t be beating out slim shady for best album like it did in the Grammys … it wasn’t even nominated.

ACCORDING TO an article in USA Today, the best time to buy a ticket to Vegas online is tuesday at 3 p.m. eastern. And the cheapest days to fly are tuesday, Wednesday and saturday.

THEY SAY lightning never strikes the same place twice, but megabucks may be another story … the life-changing jumbo jackpot made an anonymous winner $12.7 million richer in January and another, who also wished to remain under the veil of secrecy, $10.6 million richer last Friday. turns out lightening (like the elusive megabucks) does strike the same place multiple times about 45 percent of the time.

WANNA WIN a million bucks? Go Vegas … Wanna go Vegas? Play Kccn Fm100’s celebrity slots and win a Vacations hawaii, california casino package. the best part of the deal is the Green tea slot tourney with $500 in prize money and traveling with the morning Jams, davey d, Augie t and lina Girl. do yourself a favor and pass if davey d asks you to bunk with him.

RICH LITTLE BRINGS his classic impressions and comedic stylings to the riviera may 25 through June 12.

IF YOU LIKE your eats from a truck on a street (and who in hawaii doesn’t like lunchwagon nibbles) … the el cortez takes the Vegas streAts food-truck festival to the Jackie Gaughan Parkway may 14. It’s the Vegas version of eat the street and it’s part of the 75th Annual helldarado days Western-heritage celebration.

YIKES! A federal appeals court upheld the conviction of a Vegas truck driver who picked up bales of paper from a recycling company and delivered them to a plant in Alabama. After the run, about 50 pounds of paper was left on his truck that included sensitive player information including social security numbers and playing habits. he then offered to act as a security consultant and return the data for a fee. the truck driver’s $500K and dreams of winning the World series of Poker vanished as quickly as he thought them up when the FBI arrested him for extortion.

FOR THE THIRD TIME in four months someone has tried to stick up a las Vegas casino. this time the robber fled sans chips when he was confronted by a stratosphere employee (a shoo-in for the employee of the month Award).

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