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Chris Leben

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … The Player’s Edge!

AT TRYST NIGHTCLUB in the Wynn, UFC mixed martial artist Chris Leben flashes the double shaka after knocking out Wanderlei Silva in less time than it takes to watch the dad smash his son-in law’s cell phone with his Florsheim. The champ went down 27 seconds into the first round.

VEGAS TRIVIA: The Royal Air Force 39 Squadron has a base just north of Sin City and the pilots there have flown 23,400 hours in Afghanistan without ever leaving the Silver State. They fly the British command’s state-of-the-art weaponry called Reapers via remote control. The UAVs carry missiles and laser guided bombs, making these the real Angry Birds.

ONE OF CANADA’S prettier exports, actress, singer and songwriter Emmanuelle Vaugier, celebrated her birthday July 15 at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens inside Paris Las Vegas. She’s known for her roles in SAW II, SAW IV, Secondhand Lions, CSI: N.Y., Smallville and as Mia on Two and Half Men. After hearing her sing You’ll Never Find in season 7, who knew she could really sing?

MIXING WORK and pleasure, magicians Alan Arita, Paul Billiard and Aaron Nagata were spocked at the IMX (International Magic Experience) Convention at the Orleans. They made a lot of sushi disappear and highly recommend the all-you-caneat authentic sushi bar on Flamingo and Buffalo called Hikari.

“THE MAN WITH NINE LIVES” Jan Rouven’s deathdefying ILLUSIONS is playing now at the FAME Theater in the Clarion Hotel & Casino. See what’s in the mind of an award winning master illusionist that Siegfried and Roy say “Magic is his life. His life is magic. Jan Rouven brings to magic a new life.”

Emmanuelle Vaugier

THE LAS VEGAS HILTON may be touting a new name by Jan 1. Hilton Worldwide announced it is terminating franchise agreement with Colony Capital. But, as they say in the opera, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings … or they hang a new neon sign.

THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA wants to start taking bets online beginning in September. The concept is to develop hot spots where people age 19 and older can bring their laptops and play casino games for money … Like a bunch of states, D.C. is looking for solutions to its budget deficits. It is the first U.S. jurisdiction with the right to offer online poker and other “games of chance and of skill” to adults who are physically within its boundaries. The games will be under the auspices of the District of Columbia Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board. Lotteries are legal in 43 states, and the first U.S. lottery was legalized in New Hampshire in 1964.

LAST YEAR Megabucks players lost $31 million, and the penny machines won $742 million from us.

IT’S LIKE HOLLYWOOD Boulevard on Halloween … Every day is dress-up day on the Las Vegas Strip: Zorro, Kiss, Batman. In Seattle, street performers were banned, but later the ban was ruled unconstitutional…

Impersonators in Vegas no can ask for kala but perform strictly for tips.