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Kim Kardashian. Photo from Kimo Akane

Welcome to Kimo’s Vegas… the Players Edge!

It took them longer to build the Kardashian boutique at The Mirage than the 72 days that Kim was married to Kris Humphries. With no gig (he’s an NBA player) and now no wife, the exKardashian is cancelling all appearances he was supposed to attend with the Mrs. But I digress … What’s in the store that you can’t get at Sears? Exclusive Las Vegas souvenirs like Kardashian playing cards and poker chips.

In History of the World Part I, Mel Brooks (Louis XVI) said “It’s good to be the King,” but Steve Wynn might argue it’s better to be rich. He bought four Qing Dynasty vases for $12.8 million and returned them to The People’s Republic of China … with all the U.S. paper they hold I’m surprised they didn’t outbid him … The 1796 Buccleuch Vases are now on display in the lobby of the hotel that bears his name, Wynn Macau.

Here’s more proof of the above at Andre Agassi’s annual auction, where the champagne and Benjamin’s flowed like water in the Kaukonahua Stream … a VIP package to the U.S. Open for four people raised $190,000… a pair of Annie Leibovitz portraits of Michael Jackson and the Jackson family sold for $170,000 … four tickets to the Super Bowl, the World Series, NCAA and Masters set one lucky bidder back a $100,000 … a weekend at the Kentucky Derby with your close personal friends, Andre and Steffi was $90K on the AMEX Black … dinner with Chef Emeril Lagasse at three of his restaurants and, BAM, there goes 50 grand.

Chef Michael Wolf has not one or two but three of Serendipity’s (now not so) secret recipes online at e. If you’re a card-holding member of the Las Vegas “after dessert I’m too full for dinner” club you can roll your own Orchard, High Heel Pump and Heirloom Tomato salads in the comfort of your own home.

Something you don’t see every day in Vegas … an ice skating rink. It’s the first and only of its kind, and the Venice winter holiday (bruddahs, we’re talking accumulation of serious “guy points”) opens Nov. 21 by the Venetian’s gondolas. This thing is not only romantic but environmentally friendly… it’s made from a recyclable polymer that requires no refrigeration or electricity!

And the winner is … Heidi Klum. Us Weekly asked their Facebook fans what celebrity had the best Halloween costume and the skinless supermodel who looked like she escaped from the Luxor’s Bodies Exhibition won by an almost unanimous decision.

The high rollers’ New Year’s eve ticket … Stevie Wonder at the Cosmopolitan.

Seven out … Lady Luck. The casino and hotel has been shuttered since 2006 but the owners have decided to banish the name and neon of downtown’s first Lady in exchange for a more upscale nom de plume, Downtown Grand.

As Juliet said to Romeo “What’s in a name”?

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