Kimo’s Vegas

Gavin Rossdale. Hew Burney photo

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … the Player’s Edge!

GAVIN ROSSDALE, lead singer of Bush, shows off the $15,000 blade they let you use when you order the Waygu beef filet at STK in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. I’m sure the 5carat, diamond-encrusted steak knife doesn’t make the meat taste better, but it will put a hurt on your street cred faster than Tiffany’s tanked Newt Gingrich’s.

MOTLEY CRUE is the first rock band to score a Vegas residency. The Joint in the Hard Rock will host the most notorious band in history Feb. 3-19 …

IT’S THE MOST wonderful time of the year … A lotta businesses don’t look forward to the first quarter but, for casinos, it’s like hitting the trifecta: New Year’s, Super Bowl and Chinese New Year.

AS THE CITY prepares to party its okole off with everyone from Sonny Geraci to Stevie Wonder, local boy Bruno Mars has added his name to Sin City’s starstudded New Year’s Eve events. Be prepared to pay premium dollars to the Bellagio’s bank if you don’t have an Ohana connection … Table service to kick off 2012 with a grenade and beautiful girls starts at 5 large.

IF CROWD SURFING were a sport, this guy would be one of its champions. Steve Aoki, the DJ in residency at XS, celebrated his 34th birthday performing his signature stage dismount by jumping into the club’s crowded dance floor.

STEVE WYNN IS negotiating with Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots (who hosted him for a recent game), to build a $1 billion casino adjacent to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. Will the NFL soften its position on casinos and sports betting? … When pigs fly or hell freezes over.

LAST WEEK the temps in Vegas dropped below freezing …

A READER ASKS: “What’s the best way to blow a $300 jackpot?” Try the most popular massage at the five-star Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas. The 80-minute Lavender Dreams treatment costs $240, or just south of 3 bills with tip and there’s a 100minute version that lists for $310.

PUT UP OR SHUT UP … 22 people have pledged $1 million each to play in the most expensive poker tourney in the history of man. The 2012 World Series of Poker is a fundraiser for One Drop, the cause that’s fighting to end poverty by providing clean drinking water for everyone 11.1 percent of the pot gets donated to the cause, and many players are pledging a portion of their win as well. There’s still time for you to join in the fun with a $50k deposit and the balance due a couple of weeks before the tourney’s July 1 start.

LIKE THE BEST courses in Vegas, The SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course has Par 3s and 4s, a clubhouse, a manmade lake and the ability to play the course day or night, 24/7. What makes this course so unique is it’s the first USGA ninehole course in China, and it’s part of the Hong Kong International Airport.

THE WINNER OF last season’s Celebrity Apprentice, John Rich, was reportedly kicked off his plane home for being too drunk to fly … Was he supposed to be the pilot?