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Katherine Jackson with William Hall. Photo from Kimo Akane

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THAT’S GOTTA BE WEIRD … Momma Jackson poses with William Hall, the Michael Jackson impersonator, at the Legends in Concert show at Harrah’s Las Vegas. This prompted speculation that Mrs. Katherine Jackson maybe on a talent-scouting mission for an undisclosed project.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? For Mitch Gilbert, there was no question … While waiting for his plane at McCarran International, he found two unlabeled Caesars Palace envelopes with $10,000 cash inside. Wanting to set a good example for his kids, he notified the airport. They said that no one reported the money lost and wouldn’t even take his name. He dutifully called them every day, and a couple of weeks later the operator said, “Well, this is breaking the rules, but you’re trying to do the right thing” and put him in touch with Ignacio Marquez. He said he won the money but dropped the envelopes while running for his plane … That would have been an expensive flight.

THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE may be opening the door for states to allow some form of online gambling. Its latest position is that the 1961 Wire Act only applies to sports betting, and each state has the authority to license and regulate non-sports-related online gambling.

MEANWHILE … Nevada regulators have unanimously approved rules that will allow companies to apply for licenses to operate play for pay online poker websites when Congress reverses its ban on Internet gambling. Experts say these sites could go live as early as the end of this year. Why the rush? Initial estimates put the U.S. online poker market at $5 billion that’s more than a few reasons for Nevada legislators and gaming companies to salivate at the proverbial Pavlovian bell.

ACCORDING TO PREGAME.COM “At Terrible’s in Las Vegas on Christmas Day, a customer hit a $100 NBA 8-teamer that paid $15,000. He hit all the opening day games and three preseason.” (Here at Kimo’s Vegas, we don’t endorse online betting or paying for picks, but thought you’d be interested in that story).

AND THE WINNER IS … the freshly divorced Kim Kardashian. The reality celebrity reportedly collected a $600,000 paycheck to headline the New Year’s party at TAO in the Venetian.

OFFICIALS ESTIMATED that this year was the biggest Vegas New Year’s ever with more than 314,000 revelers in town celebrating. As Frank Sinatra sang, “It was a very good year.” The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority said 39 million folks “wen go Vegas” last year, matching the city’s record all-time high.

ON HER WAY HOME from Las Vegas, a TSA agent confiscated Rebecca Hains’ cupcake because he thought the icing could be explosive. She explained that the baked good came with her from Massachusetts only a few days before, but her protest could not be heard over the agent’s growling stomach.

THE LONG-AWAITED opening of the Las Vegas Neon Museum is getting closer. Officials are hoping to have it open by the middle of the year.