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Joan Collins (center) at ‘Donn Arden’s Jubilee!’ Photo from Kimo Akane

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas… the Players Edge!

SPOCK’ED AT THE longest-running Strip production show Donn Arden’s Jubilee! is actress, author and columnist Joan Collins. The cool thing about this show is you don’t have to be a celebrity to get the VIP treatment. It’s the only show where you take an all-access backstage tour with one of the dancers as your guide and, no, they don’t do the tour in costume or topless. Who says the ladies can’t get ready quickly? … Did you know there are 11 quick costume changes in all?

IF YOU’VE WONDERED what it’s like to work in Vegas … Career Bliss ranks Sin City the 40th happiest city to work in … Honolulu didn’t make the top 50 happiest or the complementary (or is that uncomplimentary) 50 unhappiest cities. According to them, the happiest cities to work in are Miami, Worcester, Mass., Oklahoma City, San Jose and Oxnard, Calif … Oxnard, really? And if you wanna be happy, stay away from New Haven, Conn., because the people who work there voted it as the worst.

FIRST VENETIAN-PALAZZO owner Sheldon Adelson reportedly gave a Super PAC $5 million to help Newt Gingrich’s campaign. And the Mrs. has done the same, contributing another $5 million in support of the former House speaker’s presidential bid … Now that’s gotta be worth a couple of steak and lobster dinners at the White House.

WHILE SHOOTING American Idol auditions in Vegas, Steven Tyler jumped into the Le Reve pool stark butt-ugly nekked! Co-host Jennifer Lopez was the first to see him skinny dipping and she fired off a scream that some say rivaled the rock god’s shrieking of the national anthem.

MAKE ME BARK like a Chihuahua and write bad checks … According to a couple of studies, the number of people who have at least one tattoo in the United States is between 14 percent and 25 percent of the population. According to Total Beauty, Honolulu has six-and-a-half tat shops for every 100,000 folks, and that’s good enough for eighth place. No. 2 is Las Vegas with 16 shops per 100K, but the numero uno city for body art is Miami Beach with 24 stores for every 100,000 residents. It’s probably no statistical anomaly that resort towns dominate the list … It’s the ultimate travel souvenir.

AT LEAST FIVE STATES California, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., have laws in place or are working on regulatory changes that would allow some form of Internet poker … Reminds me of the saying, “May you live in interesting times” … Chinese proverb or curse?

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