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Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos. AP photo

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TIM TEBOW stepped into a Vegas church to talk about his relationship with God, and “Tebowing.” About 4,000 came to witness the quarterback firsthand … He said to the congregation: “I am sure I am not the first athlete to pray though. What is actually funny is I have been doing this exact same routine for the last seven years, and this is the first year people started talking about it and it became a thing.” Amen, brother!

THE L.A. TIMES has published a list of 21 things to do for $21 and under … the perfect diversion for those times when Lady Luck has abandoned your side. Get a link to the complete list at Kimo’

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for a little more action than that, try “Machine Gun Vegas”… It’s a fusion of gun range and ultra lounge. Pull the trigger on a fully (or semi) auto M-60, Uzi, AK-47 or Tommy gun while you enjoy complimentary nonalcoholic beverages and get schooled by a “Gun Girl.” It’ll run more than $21, but like gasoline, ammo and ambiance are expensive.

SEVEN OUT … After seven-and-a-half months at the Human Nature Theater in the Imperial Palace, Name That Tune Live … A return of the TV version may prompt a return of the Vegas stage version.

THE SPORTS GAMBLING SITE Bodog also crapped out. The feds seized the url and indicted four Canadians for illegal gambling. The charges include the site paying more than $100 million in winnings between 2005 and 2012.

OLD VEGAS … The Riviera has gone backwards to a better time – a time when the bean counters didn’t make the rules, and if you didn’t pay your markers you risked losing more than your beans. Look for the old school 3:2 blackjack, single 0 wheel roulette and 1,000 times odds on selected tables.

THE FOUR QUEENS Mississippi Stud table paid a huge $112,505 progressive jackpot. The player had a queen/10 of hearts and the dealer turned over the jack, ace and king community cards. Casino execs report that it was the largest table progressive ever paid Downtown.

SPOCKING THE unofficial state bird has been rare in the desert skies of Las Vegas. But the (construction) cranes are back, and construction of the SkyVue has begun. When it’s finished, the observation wheel will have 32 air-conditioned gondolas, and a 30-minute ride will take you more than 50 feet higher than the top of the Mandalay Bay across the street. The giant wheel (you’ll be able to see it when you fly into McCarran) is expected to open by July 2013.

THE CASINOS’ BEST GUESTS are accustomed to getting a full F&B comp … that’s free food and beverages in addition to their complimentary room. The Nevada tax department is changing the rules and notifying casinos that they’ll have to pay sales tax on the freebies they give away. It’s still too soon to tell how the tax collector will impact your offers.