Kimo’s Vegas

Eva Longoria. AP photo

WELCOME TO Kimo’s Vegas … the Player’s Edge!

PLAYING FOR THE other team … Eva Longoria has announced that she’s opening a new steakhouse in Las Vegas. Ever since her Beso restaurant and Eve nightclub seven’d out in CityCenter, the actress and her team have been searching for a new twist for the lease. The latest concept is a steakhouse called SHe with a ’20s theme, a catwalk and female Cirque du Soleil-type performers. After the initial rumors of a ladies-only policy, the management insists that everyone will be allowed to eat there (that’s probably a good idea). Whadaya think … should she stick with the acting thing just in case?

A WISER, more mature Michael Phelps partied in Las Vegas, but maybe it had nothing to do with history. Hawaiian105 KINE’s Bruddah Wade says, “Your Las Vegas experience depends on your traveling partner(s)” and on this trip, in addition to his shiny new hardware (medals), the Olympian brought his new software (girlfriend Megan Rossee) to celebrate his retirement.

EVERYONE ON THE face of the planet knew he could swim, but who knew he was a shark? Eighteen-time gold medalist Phelps proved that he likes green in addition to gold, silver and bronze by winning $100,000 cash in a single game of poker at Caesars Palace … Betcha he shoots a better game of strip pool than Prince Harry, too.

“GIRLS GONE WILD” creator Joe Francis testified in court that his neighbor Quincy Jones (yep, the real Q) read him an email from Steve Wynn that said he would bludgeon Francis with a shovel and bury him in the desert if he didn’t repay the $2 million he owed the casino. Now anyone who knows anything about Vegas knows that rich people don’t go around bludgeoning folks and digging holes in the desert … They have people who do that for them (just kidding). The guy with his name on the stationery (Wynn) said in his testimony that he has never sent an email “in his life …” Now that’s the kind of power only a multibillionaire would know. Quincy Jones is expected to testify on behalf of the Wynn, and many hope Joe will reveal what he’s been smoking …

IF YOU LOVE wine, or maybe even consider yourself an aficionado of the grapes, Guy Savoy in Caesars Palace is a five-timeWine Spectator Grand Award winner … To be considered for this award, your cellar has to be populated with at least 1,500 selections …

IS THE NEON too bright? The hustle of the Strip too much hassle? Consider checking out the city underneath the city. Urban historian Steve Duncan’s new film Undercity: Las Vegas takes you into the sewers of Sin City. This kind of tourism is highly frowned upon in every city, and every year people die in these tunnels.