Chucky Boy’s Album is “All Kaua‘i”

Chucky Boy Chock

Chucky Boy Chock,the songwriting talent behind many of Hawaii’s legendary artists such as Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole, Kapena and The Brothers Cazimero, returns to the contemporary Hawaiian music scene with his ninth album, The Music Of Chucky Boy Chock, Volume 1.

Released Aug. 17, the album features the popular theme songs to the OC16 television series, Hawaii Skin Diver, Sonny D in E Minor and Ta Pua Elama.

Sonny D opens the show and Ta Pua Elama closes the show,” says Chock, a longtime resident of Kapahi, Kaua’i. “It’s been playing on the show for three years, and since they’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about the music. Here it is.”

On this new CD, Chock revisits songs he worked on in the past but were never released. He stays true to his canoe beach boy roots with touches of new age, jazz, Latin and soft rock.

“My songs are always at the moment and always an experience,” says Chock. “It’s always a privilege to have someone do your song. And before I would have a hard time giving my songs away because I would always want to do them, but now I’m more willing to share.”

Chock, who was born and raised in Kaneohe, says moving to Kaua’i many, many years ago was a “no brainer.” And since he has gained inspiration for his songs from his Island home and its dear neighbor, Ni’ihau.

“I was inspired to honor the people of Ni’ihau and the olelo spoken there, which can be heard on Kaua’i,” says Chock. “I wanted to record in their dialect and I made sure the integrity of their translations were pono.”

The album gained inspiration from Chock’s daughters, Lahiki and Hikina, and their love of the ocean.

But ultimately, Chock says, “This album is all Kaua’i. The people involved in the music are all from Kaua’i. This is my home forever.”

Chock also continues to compose and record Christian music. In fact, he expects his next Christian album to be out before the end of this year, along with an instrumental ukulele album.

“The ukulele album is to accompany a new coloring book that I did called Ocean Awareness,” says Chock, a graduate of Waianae High School. “The music is tied to the book, and the book uses real places on Kaua’i and teaches kids how to keep the ocean clean, and it features a crab named Ama.

“I really want to reach the kids in different ways.”

Stay tuned for more from Chock and Ama.

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