Making Asahi Grill Favorites At Home

This week Grant murata of asahi Grill visits the show to prepare some of his favorite dishes, though not their secret oxtail soup recipe.

This show aired originally in april 2008.


* 4 ounces ahi, chopped into small cubes
* 8 slices avocado
* 3 slices cucumber
* 2 pieces atsuyaki tamago
* spicy dressing
* tobiki
* rice

For dressing, use any preferred spicy salad dressing.

GOYA CHAMPURU (stir-fried Bitter Melon)

* 4 ounces goya (bitter melon), julienne-cut
* 8 1/2-inch blocks tofu
* 3 ounces sliced pork or spam
*1 egg, scrambled soft
* shoyu
* hondashi
* salt

Brown tofu with goya or spam and add egg. add shoyu, hondashi and salt to taste.

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