Peppers Add Pizazz To Fresh Island Poke

This week in the kitchen we’re mixing up a couple of our favorite poke creations.

This show aired originally in October 2009.


* mahimahi, cubed
* salt and pepper
* olive oil
* red bell peppers, chopped
* green onions, chopped
* rainbow onions: mixture of chopped red, white and Spanish onions
* red chili sauce
* sesame seed oil
* lime juice

In a bowl, toss mahimahi, salt and pepper. Add olive oil and mix. Add sweet red peppers, green onions, rainbow onions, chili sauce and sesame seed oil; toss. Add lime juice and toss. Add cooled sauce/dressing and toss.

Add mixed greens on top or on the side to make into a poke salad. Drizzle leftover sauce/dressing on mixed greens. Optional: Top with crispy won ton strips or chips.

For Sauce/Dressing:

* olive oil
* chopped ginger
* minced garlic
* brown sugar
* shoyu
* teriyaki sauce
* hot peppers

In a pan, add olive oil, chopped ginger, garlic, brown sugar, a little shoyu and teriyaki sauce. Simmer on low heat until flavors are blended. Add chili peppers for heat. Set aside and cool.


* ahi, cut into cubes

For Sauce:

* shoyu
* sesame seed oil
* Sriracha chili sauce
* sambal chili paste
* cayenne chili pepper powder
* sweet onions, chopped
* green onions, chopped
* ogo (seaweed)
* mayonnaise
* iceberg lettuce

Mix the above ingredients, then add mayonnaise. Serve with finely chopped lettuce and top with crispy fried wonton chips.

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