Tofu Salad And Kim Chee Steak Sandwich

This week, KTA Superstores’ Derek Kurisu visits the show to prepare the following recipes. This show aired originally in march 2009.


* 1 head romaine lettuce, chopped
* 1 bunch watercress, chopped
* 1 package Mountain apple Brand Bean sprouts (moyashi)
* 2 tomatoes, diced
* 1 block firm aloha tofu, cut into chunks
* 1 takuwan (pickled daikon or radish), cut matchstick-size
* 4-8 ounces taegu (prepared Korean cuttlefish)
* radish sprouts, for garnish

Layer the above in serving plate or pan starting with watercress. Pour cool sauce over before serving. Enjoy!

For Sauce For Tofu Salad:

* 1/2 cup aloha shoyu
* 1/2 cup vegetable oil
* 2 cloves garlic (shredded)
* 2 tablespoons sugar

Bring to a boil and cool before pouring over salad. Double the recipe for extra sauce.


* 2-3 ounces Big island grass-fed beef, cooked
* Mountain apple “Wow seasoning” or a combination of olive oil, fresh, local chopped ginger, chopped garlic and hawaiian salt
* 1 ounce hawaiian eateries kim chee dip
* Mountain apple Brand “any kind Bread” (sweet Bread)
* locally grown lettuce
* locally grown tomatoes
* locally grown sweet onions

Spread kim chee dip on the sweet bread. add sliced steak and top off with lettuce, tomatoes and sweet onions.

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