Music That Makes You Feel Good

Whether it’s at a live performance or on her new album We Are Changed, Preeta Carlson’s music ‘can make people smile and inspire people’

Preeta Carlson changes lives by uplifting and inspiring people through her music.

“My music makes you feel good; it makes you feel alive,” says the singer/songwriter, who recently released an album, We Are Changed.

In sharing her harmonies with others, Carlson communicates emotion and passion through an unseen connection.

“Music is life; the under-currents of energy and what people can’t say,” she says.

The Kaua’i native has been involved with music since she started playing the piano at age 6. She also has been singing ever since she can remember and picked up the guitar when she was only 13.

“I was kind of like the ‘look at me’ child. I always wanted attention my whole life,” she says.

Carlson was in a band called Unique from age 13 to 17, and played in various venues around the island. The experience allowed her to get used to the “nausea feeling” associated with pre-performance jitters, she jokes. “You have to get used to the feeling of having all eyes on you.”

Now, she has no problem performing in front of others and rather enjoys the energy it harnesses.

“It’s definitely an amazing rush,” she says, “an amazing high.”

Her time and experience in the music industry also helped Carlson develop her current musical chops. The Kilauea resident had a management deal and lived in Los Angeles for several years before moving back to the island.

“That was fun,” she says of the experience.

However, the industry did not bode well for her in the long run.

“The music industry is one of the most cutthroat industries there is,” she opines.

After spending 10 years touring with her band, Preeta and the Peacemakers, she decided to return to the Garden Isle.

“I recharged. I needed a few years to just chill and let go of all my drama from L.A.,” she says.

Her rapture for the musical trade has since returned. Not only has she recently created a new CD, but also Carlson has been playing at locations on the island, including Kaua’i Community College Performing Arts Center and Trees Lounge.

She also did a recent collaboration with a disc jockey at Café Portofino.

“It was so awesome to have that many people dancing and so into it,” she says.

The artist has been listening to more dance music these days and has altered her music to embrace the style of tunes she adores. Carlson’s songs consist of a pop, reggae, electronic and dubstep mix.

“It has more of a younger feeling and edge,” she says.

One of her most memorable shows to date that integrated her new style was at KCC Performing Arts Center. She performed with her group, Preeta and the Scorpios (Andrew Chapin on guitar, Andrew Vastola on drums, Noah Friedberg on bass and Will Lydgate as musical director) as well as with the belly-dancing troupe she belongs to, Sudeeka.

“It was a really big interactive show,” she says.

Her dream is to take the performance to other islands and eventually to Japan.

“I can make people smile and inspire people and see that I can make a difference in the world. That’s really the reason why I’m doing this,” she says. “We are here to live our dreams and live the best lives possible. So I will do that in whatever way I can help; uplift people to help them realize that and be the best they can be, live a great life and have fun.”

Carlson’s music is available on iTunes and Amazon. Visit or for more information.

“I feel fulfilled; like I’ve done what I’m supposed to do on this planet,” she says.