Butay Ohana Wins $100 Times Spree

Ricky, Rhextyn, Puna and Rhyzen Butay

The Butay family – Puna, Ricky, Rhyzen (1) and Rhextyn (5 months) – was just about to grab some groceries at Times Supermarket in order to cook leftover Thanksgiving food last week when they were approached by a MidWeek Kaua’i representative. Because they answered a very simple question correctly, they won a $100 gift certificate to the Lihu’e store.

Puna, a nursing student, and Ricky, a chef for Kaua’i Pasta, were thankful for the boost in funds, especially since they shop at Times at least three or four times a week.

“I like the stories and the ads,” says Puna, a 1996 graduate of Kaua’i High School, in regard to what she enjoys most about MidWeek Kaua’i. “There are some really good stories in there.”

Ricky, a 1997 Waimea High School graduate, agrees.

“I like to see what’s going on around the island,” he adds.