A Personal Lost And Found App

Tile is the world’s largest new lost and found desk. With a Tile device, you can manage and find the items that matter most to you (i.e. keys) using the Tile app on your iPhone. Tile is secure and only you will be able to see where your Tiles are with the app.

“Tile is changing the world by making lost and misplaced belongings a thing of the past,” said Tile co-founder and CEO Nick Evans. “We are giving people back hours of their lives that were previously wasted searching for missing possessions. This will revolutionize the way we find lost items, by bringing the entire Tile community together to make the system more robust for everyone.”

Tile is the first of its kind. While competitors’ similar devices are restricted by Bluetooth’s average connectivity range of 100 feet, Tile’s range can go far beyond that by using the Bluetooth connection of neighboring iPhones running the Tile app to cast a wider search net. The device itself is a matchbook-sized Bluetooth Low Energy device that aims to ignite a community movement by using other Tile users.

If you mark a Tile outside of your range as missing (i.e. your missing bike), it sends out a signal that puts other Tile apps on the lookout for your missing item. This all happens in the background and means that someone else running the Tile app within range of your lost object, the Tile app will discretely and securely identify your item(s) and send you a notification of its location.

Tile is the new best friend for the most forgetful people. I can’t count how many times my keys are “stolen” from me by my wonderful three-year-old. Then they will end up in the most random places such as inside one of the bathroom drawers or in the depths of one of the toy bins – inside the pouches of one of the stuffed animals! As soon as I get my Tile, I’ll be able to make it ring and pinpoint it quickly.

In addition, you’ll be able to share your Tiles with your family, friends, co-workers, etc., to make it easy to help each other find lost items. Only you can see your Tiles, and the only way anyone can see your Tiles is if you share the access. Tile will never share your location with others.

You’ll never need to replace the battery on a Tile device, though it’s recommended you replace a Tile after a year. It will automatically send you a reminder to do this about a month in advance, and you’ll receive a pre-addressed shipping package to mail back and recycle your old Tile. Note: You will still need to purchase a new Tile, they are not replaced for free.

I love hearing stories about small startup companies such as this. Tile was originally a Selfstarter project seeking to obtain $20,000 in backing. It now has 49,586 backers, totaling $2,861,297! That is just amazing.

Each Tile costs $24.95 but if you purchase a bundle, you can save a little. The most popular package is $74.85, and you’ll receive four tiles (basically buy three, get one free). Visit thetileapp.com to pre-order. I already put my order in, and can’t wait!