Cases: What To Expect From Speck

Photo courtesy of Speck

Ever since Speck has been in business, it has been my favorite maker of cases to protect my collection of portable electronics. With the release of Apple’s iPhone 5 on the horizon, I was hoping it would have a preview of the new cases, but I guess no new iPhone equals no new case available yet.

In the meantime, I just bought a new MacBook Air, so I decided to check out Speck’s latest cases. As with my MacBook Pro case, the selection includes a variation of bright, fun colors. I’m traveling to a fairly rugged place, so I decided to go with the Air because of its lightweight and the solid state hard drive. The Speck case for this does not add any noticeable weight since it’s ultra-thin (1.2mm), is made out of shatter-proof polycarbonate and has rubberized anti-tilt feet that keep your MacBook Air grounded when you open it. This is the perfect case to protect your precious laptop from nasty scratches and gashes — it’s worth the $50.

To complement my lightweight MacBook Air, I have the MagFolio case for my iPad. Perfect for a long trip on the plane, it features a durable padded cover that folds into a handy viewing stand, a form-fit cradle that holds your iPad securely in place, along with a magnetic closure. This particular case retails for $60, but this is just one of many iPad cases Speck offers.

In addition, keep in mind there are tons of other great Speck cases for various products — Kindle, Nook and Samsung tablets, along with just about any smart-phone you can think of. Visit for more information. Shipping is free!

Click Chick’s App of the Week: iTunes Festival

As we’ve just finished watching the Olympics, another big event in London is under way — the iTunes Festival. Many of the world’s biggest stars and brightest newcomers are gracing the stage, including P!NK, elbow, One Direction, Usher and more. This free iTunes Festival app allows you to watch the shows live or view them afterwards for a limited time.

While the app is not new (previously you could watch it from your computer on iTunes), this is the first time you can use your Apple TV to watch it. Even if you haven’t updated the software on your Apple TV, it should have popped up without requiring an update. If, for some reason, you don’t see it, manually update your Apple TV then restart it, and it should work.

Additionally, you can watch it while taking advantage of AirPlay (requires an Apple TV) from your iOS device or Mac (if you have a newer one). While using the app, you can view the schedule of events for the entire month, save favorite concerts, read about the bands and have notifications sent to you about upcoming shows. If you’re really into concerts, it’s nice to watch them on your big-screen TV — a good source of free entertainment.