Charge A Phone In An Everpurse

The Everpurse has a docking station that charges all your gadgets | Photo courtesy of Everpurse

The Everpurse has a docking station that charges all your gadgets | Photo courtesy of Everpurse

There are bags out there that charge your gadgets, but nothing ever had come out specifically designed for women. That has changed with the recently released Everpurse. Originally a Kickstarter project, these little bags charge your phone with a built-in dock (no wires) while making you look cute. I think it’s kind of cool to be carrying around a secret docking station in your purse!

Everpurse works by using the Qi standard (inductive charging) for charging the purse’s battery. This means energy is sent wirelessly from a charging mat to your purse so you never have to plug it in. It works via inductive coils, which are super low-frequency magnetic waves (similar in frequency to gravity) that get reconstructed into an electric current that charges the battery. The docking mechanism uses gravity to then guide your phone and connect it to the built-in charger.

You can leave the charging mat plugged in at home or work and drop your Everpurse onto it whenever it needs a charge. Although it only takes about six hours for your purse to reach a full charge, probably the best thing to do is leave it on the mat to allow it to charge overnight.

Each time you fully charge your Everpurse you’ll receive up to two full charges for your phone. To be able to do this, the purse has a 2500mAh battery sewn into it that is invisible to you. The charge time for your phone is relatively quick – it can go from 10 percent to 100 percent in about 100 minutes. This is an excellent way to keep your phone charged if you’re running around all day.

Visit to purchase your Everpurse. Prices range from $189 (fabric) to $249 (leather) to $319 (croc-pattern leather). It is compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S III. A little pricey, but for basically a hidden battery in a cute purse, I think it’s worth it!

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: Furnish

Once known as IKEA Now, the revamped Furnish virtual remodeling app helps you refurnish the rooms in your home by letting you take pictures of your house while browsing several major retailers’ catalogs and then drop in the furniture you like. You can share these photos via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

The app lets you select Bedroom, Living Room, Dining and Workspace, but it’s missing the option for a bathroom. At the moment, you can select furniture from IKEA, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn and Herman Miller. For future retailers, developers are working with Restoration Hardware, Sears, Ashleys, Plummers, Bassett, Design Within Reach, Target, CB2 and more. Unfortunately, here in Hawaii we don’t have many of these retailers, but at least this is a good free app to help you generate ideas and visualize what you would like in your home.

Furnish is free and is available for your iOS or Android device. You can purchase furniture from within the app (some retailers will even ship to Hawaii, depending on the item and the retailer).