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Recently, Gov. Neil Abercrombie and Chief Information Officer Sanjeev “Sonny” Bhagowalia announced the state’s first draft of the strategy to transform its information technology and business processes, and the public is encouraged to review the draft plan and provide ideas and feedback.

“My administration is following through on this unprecedented opportunity to transform the way the state of Hawaii provides services to its citizens, making state government more efficient, accessible and responsive,” Abercrombie said. “Affecting every citizen and organization in the state, this first-ever information technology plan, once finalized, will give us a detailed road map for moving Hawaii into the 21st century, recognizing the evolving role of technology in the delivery of government services.”

The strategy outlines a multiyear plan and transformation strategy, which are planned for implementation in five major phases over the next decade. Major focus areas include Governance and Management Methodologies (management of processes, investments, acquisitions and projects); Business and IT/Information Resources Management (IRM) Transformation Strategic Plan (documents the mission, vision, goals, strategies objectives and performance measures); Enterprise Architecture (blueprint for change that provides the framework for IT systems and applications design and development); Projects (overview of business processes currently implemented or planned).

The basis for the focus areas of the plan were derived from a September 2011 assessment of its IT assets, policies and procedures.

Photo courtesy UNIQLO

This baseline report identified 204 business functions and services delivered by state government employees in 18 departments and more than 500 IT applications currently in use.

To take a look at the plan and provide feedback, visit Your comments will be taken through Friday, June 1.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: UNIQLO WAKEUP

My absolute favorite store in Japan is UNIQLO. It sells clothing similar to Gap, but seems to have a much broader selection.

On my recent trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, I was lucky enough to find the newest 12-story UNIQLO in Ginza. I know that subjecting my husband to those 12 floors of clothing sure made him want to be somewhere else.

Anyway, my favorite store recently created an alarm clock app called UNIQLO WAKE UP. This app has an easier sound to your buzzing alarm clock or the built-in alarm clock app. Waking up to that harsh noise can make you grouchy in the morning.

UNIQLO’s app plays a relaxing custom song that reflects the weather, hour and day of the week.

The built-in alarm music was co-written by 51st annual Grammy nominee Cornelius (aka Keigo Oyamada) and Yoko Kanno. The music vocals are available in English or Mandarin Chinese (strangely, no Japanese). You set your location from a pull-down menu, set your alarm and you’re ready to go. The background changes according to the day of the week.