iPhoneography: Mobile Photography

This week, instead of my usual Click Chick column, I introduce you to my guest columnist, Mililani High School junior Sachi Kasahara. She aspires to be a graphic novel illustrator and is an avid iPhone photographer, the focus of her story below.

Do you like bringing your digital camera with you every day? Or maybe you are walking along the sidewalk and you see the perfect shot, but no camera at hand. Don’t worry! We introduce to you the next portable and popular device among photography enthusiasts: The iPhone and the iPod touch (generation 4).

That’s right, folks! The iPhone or iPod touch that’s in your pocket right now. We introduce a new term popular among the photography community around the world: “iPhoneography.”

With the arrival of iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4, many app makers have published camera apps that mimic the quality and effects of high dynamic range cameras, or HDR. Taking the photo is half the fun, the other half is editing them, as it can be done all from the iPhone. From blur effects to color filters, photos can be edited with a touch of a button. (In this case, the screen.) Not convinced? No problem! For those who want to try it out as a hobby, here are the top five free must-have apps to get you started in the iPhoneography community:

1) Instagram: an application that comes with its own camera and unique filters to choose from. It also allows an in-app upload from your iPhone album. This social app is like Twitter and Facebook, dedicated to your photos. The instagram community is safe and positive, so you needn’t be afraid of feedback comments.

The interface is simple to use and every feature is self-explanatory. The use of “hashtags,” “followers” and “mentions” similar to Twitter will get you started on becoming a widely known iPhoneographer.

2) Pudding camera: Don’t let the foreign title in the app store fool you, this camera is full of nifty effects. Effects will include a “Motion x4” and panoramic shots. It also has a wide range of lighting effects including black and white and a “vivid” option for those who want their colors to POP! Adjust the exposure levels on the screen from 2+~2-.

3) Phototreats: A useful app for all you filter-holics! Did you ever want a snowy effect? Maybe a little sparkle in your life? The simple interface of the app allows you to pick and choose from a selection of effects. All you have to do is … choose!

It includes the option of uploading your newly sparkled photo to the Steply community, a photo social app similar to Instagram.

4) ShotCamera: Ever shoot a photo and it turns out blurry? Maybe the subject is moving around. If you wanted to take multiple shots at once, there’s an app for that. ShotCamera is a third-party camera app that takes up to 30 photos in as little as three seconds. No more bad photography days!

5) Fotolr PS: This free version of Fotolr photostudio comes with fun frames and touchups for skin, lips and even the eyes. It also includes frames and fun scenes. This app is recommended to the people who want to touch up their portraits before they add the fancy effects. iPhoneography is an inexpensive, mobile alternative to HDR photography. With many apps to choose from, dedicated to the best iPhone photos, the possibilities are endless. Best of all, you’re always going to have it with you. If you’ve thought about taking up photography as a hobby you may want to try with the iPhone experience first.