Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Is A Blast

After a decade of waiting, iconic Marvel and Capcom characters join forces again in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. The battle begins when the renowned villains of these two universes conspire to wreak havoc across space and time, unleashing a terrible evil that threatens the existence of an entire civilization. In a desperate fight to survive, the Marvel and Capcom universes collide in a gigantic battle that will determine the fate of the two worlds.

There is never a dull moment as you fill the shoes of your favorite legendary Marvel and Capcom characters. As you battle in a living comic book art style, you and your opponent each have a team of three characters to fight it out in one continuous round highlighted with various moves and combos.

The game is powered by Capcom’s MT Framework, an advanced version of the graphics engine used for Resident Evil 5. When the fight goes vertical, you launch into the air, exchanging aerial combo attacks with furious bursts of color and light. When the pressure is on, you can call on your team members for an “assist” attack (3-on-3 Tag Team Fighting) that will throw off your opponents.

You won’t be bored with the popular returning characters Spider-Man, Ryu, Wolverine, Morrigan, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Felicia, Chun-Li, Tron Bonne, Magneto, Storm, Akuma and Doctor Doom. In addition, Crimson Viper, Viewtiful Joe and Zero will make their debut, and new characters joining the playable cast for the first time in fighting game history include Taskmaster, Haggar, She-Hulk, Chris Redfield, Thor, Trish, Super-Skrull, Amaterasu, Dormammu, Wesker, X-23, Arthur, Deadpool, Nathan Spencer, M.O.D.O.K. and Dante! You will constantly be on your toes since each character has his/her own personality, abilities and plays differently.

Simple Mode allows the novice players to perform moves as a pro, whereas the Evolved Vs. Fighting system allows the advanced players to do signature aerial combos. You also can play in story, mission and training modes. The mission and training modes prepare you well for the many battles you’ll encounter. Each character has 10 missions, each beginning with simple moves, and quickly evolve to exciting, more complicated combos. Fun, fun, fun!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is an absolute blast to play, whether you’ve played its predecessors or are a newbie. It’s a must-have, especially for Marvel fans. The game retails for $59.99 and is available for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Find it at your nearest GameStop ( or Best Buy (

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: IntoNow

IntoNow isn’t the first app that turns watching TV or a movie into a social networking experience, but it’s the best. Instead of having you manually input the name of the show you’re watching, you hold your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch directly to your TV and the app will instantly identify what you’re watching.

This is similar to what Shazam does for music. The accuracy of IntoNow is amazing. It identified all the TV shows and movies I played. For the TV shows, the app could even identify the exact season and episode. You can use it as a trial a few times, but you’ll need to register (for free), then you can integrate your Twitter, Facebook and Netflix accounts.

You also can find fellow users via your address book.

Download IntoNow for free from the iTunes App Store.

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