The Next Big Thing In Earphones

Named Consumer Electronic Show 2012’s Best of Innovations winner in the headphones product category, eers custom earphones are poised to be the next big thing in the earphones market. These are custom-molded to the unique shape of your ear canal in just five minutes, so they provide a set of earphones that will stay put, never fall out or cause discomfort in even the most extreme active environments, while promoting safe listening habits.

“Since ears are more unique than fingerprints, perfect fit and comfort can only be achieved with custom-fit earphones,” says Nick Laperle, president and CEO of Sonomax Technologies Inc. “As the world’s first self-fit, custom earphones, eers fill a huge void in the headphone market that just reached $2 billion in the U.S. alone. Our newest eers are the product of many years of hard work and are truly a testament to Sonomax’s role in the future of in-ear products.”

eers uses the SonoFit system to mold the headphones to custom-fit your ears. You attach a headband to your head, place the ear tips into your ears, activate the little pumps. You’ll feel your ears filling up with air (it’s not uncomfortable at all), and in five minutes you’ll have a custom fit. I did this process on the

plane on the way back from CES and it’s truly very easy. I also waited the suggested 30 minutes after the fitting for the silicone to set, after that I had phenomenal earphones to use during my flight. I could barely hear the airplane engines.

The headphones come in two models: PCS-150 and PCS-250. The new design of both incorporates a low-profile, ergonomic shape and earloop that comfortably cradles the back of your ear, while providing the channel for the wire from your sound source, as well as assisting you in proper insertion and removal. Both have an inline microphone, but the PCS-250 is a little more high-end with its two dual driver speakers that act as the tweeter and woofer similar to most home theater systems.

These headphones also are great for your workouts since they stay in so well. A hint to make them stay in is to make sure you use the included lubricant. This provides a good seal to ensure no additional noise comes in. The only drawback is they’re a bit pricey at $199 (PCS-150) and $299 (PCS-250), but well worth it if you’re an audiophile or music enthusiast. You can buy a pair at or