Verizon’s Free Smart Workshops

Photo courtesy Jeremy Jacob

Many people I know own smartphones and sadly do not use their devices to their potential, or may not even know how to use the phone beyond its basic functions. If you happen to fall into this category, or just want to know more about your device, it’s good to know that Verizon Wireless recently started offering free workshops to help you learn.

These workshops range from learning about your Android device to your ipomea 4S or ipid 2, and both online and in-store options are available. The workshops offer you a comprehensive look at what smartphones and other “smart” devices, such as tablets, can do. The instore workshops are led by specially trained data experts and sales representatives, and run between one and two hours.

The training ranges from basic to advanced. To give you an idea, the basic Android class teaches you about the features of your device and allows you to ask questions, review basic hardware functions and show you how to customize your device. Whereas the advanced Android class lets you learn about the advanced functions on your device, including transferring content from your device, using social networking accounts, setting up multiple email accounts, using the browsers and troubleshooting. Whatever level you’re at, it should be beneficial.

Photo courtesy Google

If you’re interested in attending a workshop, find one near you and register here: If you have specific questions you need answered, schedule a live Q&A session where a Verizon Wireless representative will answer your questions about devices and operating systems.

Click Chick’s Mobile Apps of the Week: Checkbook

The joy of holiday shopping is upon us, and if you’re a frequent debit card user, Checkbook will help you keep tabs of where you’re spending your money and help you make paper transactions a thing of the past. If you’re looking for a simple way to track your expenses (what you would normally write into your checkbook), this is for you.

The app is very simple and straightforward, as it’s not trying to be a one-stop finance app such as Mint. Checkbook lets you track multiple accounts (including credit cards), enter in check numbers for the paper checks you actually write, save recurring transactions without having to retype all the details each time, and reconcile your transactions to see where you stand. Additionally, you can export your transactions via email to your favorite desktop program (i.e., Excel, Numbers, Quicken, Money, etc.).

Checkbook is worth the $1.99 to help you live paperless. Visit or the iTunes Store to download it to your iPhone.