Davis Ohana Wins $100 Safeway Card

Bill with son Miles and daughter Nyla

The Davis family stopped by Safeway for ice cream last weekend when they were randomly approached by a MidWeek Kaua’i representative. Since the Kalaheo residents were able to answer an easy question correctly, they won a $100 gift certificate to the Kapa’a store.

After their mid-day treats, Shauna and Bill were looking forward to taking their children Miles and Nyla to see the movie Hotel Transylvania.

The foursome likes to travel to the Eastside for family outings and pick up various grocery items at Safeway about once a month.

When asked what he enjoys about MidWeek Kaua’i, Bill, who works at Bill with son Miles and daughter Nyla Syngenta, replied, “I like reading about what’s going on around the island.”

Shauna, also an employee of Syngenta, likes to read community member’s weekly answers to questions in the “Poll,” and she also likes The Advice Goddess column by Amy Alkon.