Don Lewanski Wins A $100 Kmart Shopping Spree

Don and Aaron Lewanski

In preparation for a father-son fishing trip, Don and Aaron Lewanski were heading into Kmart to pick up some gear when they were approached by a MidWeek Kaua‘i representative, who asked a very easy question.

Since Don knew the correct answer, he was awarded a $100 gift certificate to the Lihu‘e store.

“We shop here for a myriad of reasons,” he says, noting that the money will definitely be put to good use. Don is married and has three children with wife Naomi: Aaron (7), Rebekah (3) and Hannah (1).

The recently retired U.S. Coast Guard chef particularly enjoys reading articles about food in MidWeek Kaua‘i.

“I like keeping up with the local restaurant scene,” he says.