Donna Nakao Wins A $100 Times Spree

Donna Nakao and grandson Yoji

Donna Nakao knew exactly why a MidWeek Kaua’i representative was approaching her outside of Times Supermarket last week.

“You made my day,” said the Lihu’e resident, who reads the weekly publication on a regular basis and always envied the mystery shopper winners.

Donna, who works at Kaua’i Beach Resort, was picking up some fish with her 9-year-old grandson Yoji that day when she answered the very simple question correctly.

“It’s the best place to shop in Lihu’e,” she says of Times.

The Kaua’i High School graduate likes to flip through MidWeek Kaua’i‘s advertisements and she also enjoys the articles.

“It’s very informative,” says Donna, whose son Kevin is a server at St. Regis. “If you don’t have MidWeek, you don’t know what’s going on.”