Elif Beall Wins At Foodland

winnerImmigration attorney Elif Beall was excited to win a $100 gift certificate to Foodland last week just for providing the correct answer to a simple question posed by a MidWeek Kaua’i representative.

“I really like their local fish selection,” she said regarding the grocery store she frequents in both Princeville and Kapa’a.

The Kilauea resident also likes to purchase lei at Foodland whenever she is on her way to the airport to greet family and friends visiting the island.

Elif enjoys reading MidWeek Kaua’i on a regular basis.

“I love the focus on local people and reading about the interesting things they are doing,” she said.

She especially likes to read the Kaua’i Business Roundtable and cover story features. “They highlight the good work people in the community are doing,” she said. In addition, Elif always takes a peek at the What’s Up event calendar. “That’s definitely an important part of the paper for me,” she said.