Healing The North Shore Community

Bard Widmer

Every week a Hanalei acupuncturist shares his skills for free – on a picnic table – creating and sharing an ‘exponential’ healing energy

It’s 1 p.m. Monday at Pine Trees on Hanalei Bay, and Bard Widmer arrives via his Classic Cruiser beach bicycle. The only thing seemingly out of place with the beach cruiser is his old school-style doctor’s bag. He joins a few fellows at a picnic bench, and the Bard Widmer community clinic of acupuncture on the beach is open to anyone who wants to experience the healing quality of this ancient tradition dating back at least 2,500 years.

And they come.

“It’s a small, intimate group and there’s wonderful healing energy going on, and I want to preserve that,” says Widmer. “I’m treating some old-timers here, so there’s anything from old surf injuries, old car accident injuries, severe neck- and back-pain issues – just battle wounds, dings from years of full usage of the body.”

The evolution of the clinic hails back to treating a friend when Widmer first came to the island years ago on a visit. The two kept in contact, and it was a couple of years ago while treating the friend that word got out and, says Widmer, “Others started saying, ‘Hey I’ve got this going on, can you look at this?'”

News got around. “One fellow here is in a hospice situation nearing the end of his life with cancer, and I’ve had the opportunity to treat him. There’s been a need, and I’ve been able to show up and help those people.

“The more the merrier. For healing, there’s exponential energy – people are in need.”

Widmer also runs a private practice on the North Shore, where he sees patients one-on-one in a private setting. He does Life Path Consultation that he describes as healing and heart-centered, combining oriental medicine, astrology and tarot.

“Life Path Consultation is my passion,” he says. “Assisting people in the discovery and execution of their life’s passion and purpose is rewarding.”

Another of Widmer’s specialties is healing horses and smaller animals using alternative medicine and massage.

“I would like to establish a healing animal community clinic as well, at some point in the near future,” he says.

With 15 years in practice, Widmer says he had a solid life in Idaho, with a buzz and reputation. But two years ago, something happened.

“I was called,” he says. “I was in my office and I heard this crystalline voice say, ‘Go to Hanalei Bay, Kaua`i.’

“One thing happened after another, and I was here within three months.”

Widmer includes many disciplines in his life and his practice. Among them are yoga – he’s an instructor – surfing, astrology, qi gong, nutritional consulting and swimming the bay.

The beach clinic operates on donation, says Widmer. “If you can only bring your aloha, then by all means, please come and bring your aloha,” he adds. “If you come to one of the clinics, be prepared to heal your heart.”

Bard Widmer can be reached at 652-9877, kauaibard@gmail.com or kauaibard.com.

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