Harrie-lynn And Naumu Spencer Win A $100 Safeway Spree

Harrie-lynn and Naumu Spencer

Harrie-lynn and Naumu Spencer

Harrie-lynn and Naumu Spencer are the happy recipients of a $100 gift certificate to Safeway just because they knew the correct answer to an easy question. The husband and wife were purchasing food for a fundraiser last week when they were randomly approached by a MidWeek Kaua’i representative outside of the Kapa’a store.

“I always wanted to know how people won,” said Harrie-lynn, smiling.

The North Shore residents like to shop at Safeway because it offers good deals on food.

“We look for the ads in MidWeek,” said Harrie-lynn, head custodian at Princeville Library. “That’s how we shop because we have a big ‘ohana.”

The Spencers have 11 children and 14 grandchildren.

“You have good stories about up-and-coming local businesses,” said Naumu, custodian at Hanalei Elementary School, when asked what they enjoy about MidWeek Kaua’i.

Harrie-lynn also enjoys reading the stories, and always likes to see who the Mystery Shopper of the week is.