Heidi Padilla Wins A $100 Safeway Spree


Heidi Padilla was picking up a birthday cake at Safeway for her boyfriend Craig Lorden last week when she was approached randomly by a MidWeek Kaua’i representative and asked a very simple question. The Kapa’a resident was excited to be rewarded with a $100 gift certificate to Safeway for answering the inquiry correctly.

“I like their bakery,” she said about the store. “I also like the deals and their health foods.”

Heidi has three adult children and is originally from Oahu. She moved to Kaua’i 30 years ago.

“I enjoy reading about the events,” said Heidi, who works at The Eastside restaurant, when asked why she likes to read MidWeek Kaua’i. “I’m niele – I want to see what’s going on and who’s there.”