Ioane Agemotu Wins $100 Kmart Spree

Ioane Agemotu

Even though Ioane Agemotu needed a little encouraging, it wasn’t long before he was able to give the correct answer to a simple question posed by a MidWeek Kaua’i representative.

The very gracious Kekaha resident, whose family comes from Samoa, was overjoyed to win a $100 gift certificate to Kmart.

Ioane, who goes by Ane, plans to purchase necessary household items with the extra money.

“I try to buy only things we need instead of toys and other stuff,” says Ioane, who with wife Audrey has an 8year-old son, Ane Jr.

“I love the whole MidWeek,” says the Habitat for Humanity warehouse worker. “I get to see family members and friends.”