April 15, tax day, is right around the corner. Are you ready for it?

KMW-Poll-040815-Image03-DLDr. Fran Miyake Veterinarian, Kapaa

“I think so. Everything was sent over to the accountant a while ago, so I’m guessing it should be ready to file soon.”


KMW-Poll-040815-Image04-DLShantell Wong Vet Tech, Kapaa

“All done already.”


KMW-Poll-040815-Image05-DLDr. Patrick Ahana Maintenance Engineer aka Veterinarian, Kapaa

“Taxes? What’s that? Never heard of ’em …”


KMW-Poll-040815-Image01-DLJoyce Shimizu Vet Tech, Kapaa

“Yes, everything is ready. Just waiting for my mom to file, since she can still claim me for last year.”


KMW-Poll-040815-Image02-DLLiana Koerte Technician, Kapaa

“All done and filed already. We owed and that’s already even paid. Pretty much as soon as I get my W-2s, I get it done.”