Are you afraid of radiation from Japan reaching Kauai?

Marilyn Mackinnon
Kapaa, Community organizer

“No. The amount of radiation will dissipate.”


Arlene Yamada
Lihue, Retired

“I might be, but I don’t think it’s something to be getting into a panic about.”


Shastin Snyder
Kilauea, Student

“No. We shouldn’t worry about stuff we cannot change, but we should also keep in mind the disaster and make sure we don’t ever have nuclear reactors here.”


Vill Galiza
Lihue, Pastor

“Not really. Unless it continues, then it will affect us one day. The quicker they contain it, the better.”


Francis Saguid
Lihue, Security officer

“Yes. I have concerns about radiation, but I have no control of nature. Things happen, but we can prevent it from spreading.”